Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lucky gives a crap

One of the most difficult subjects to take pictures of is my dog Lucky.

We've had him for over two years and he's still scared of the camera despite my attempts to get him used to it.  I can almost never get him to stay momentarily still in the apartment for a photo. The moment I take a camera out, he runs out of the room.  But, he ignores the camera when we're outside on the leash.

Taking pictures of him outdoors comes with a different challenge.  When we're outside, his main mission is to pee and poop.

Since I haven't shot any photos of him in a while, I brought a camera and shot some pictures of what Lucky does best... because he gives a crap.

Lucky leaves his mark on a light pole

Searching for the right spot

I think he may have found the best place.

Lucky gives a crap

A true multi-tasker, he gives a crap
and looks around at the same time.

Lucky leaves Ken a present

I had doody duty

All of Lucky's hard work...
right into the trash.