Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Cox went down

Cox cable service (and internet) had an outage tonight from about 8 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Ridgepointe, the apartment complex I live in, includes cable in the rent so I knew it wasn't due to an unpaid bill.

Anthony had a rather amusing response:  "What do we do?"  There's nothing to do but wait til they fix it.  I spoke to a neighbor walking her dog outside and she said she had called the Cox office and there were about 1,000 customers involved in the outage on Tucson's east side.  Its nice to know you're not alone when things like this happen.  I told her I was staring at my dog Lucky for entertainment and she laughed.  One of those creepy polite laughs.

At our apartment, we rely a lot on internet and cable for entertainment.  Thanks to my Blackberry, I was able to Tweet and Facebook about the temporary crisis.

After service was restored I realized one thing is certain:  I prefer having my Cox up.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monsoon in Tucson Photos June 27 2012

It was a monsoon storm day in Tucson.

It didn't rain much on the east side (where I live and work).  But, the skies did make for an interesting photo opportunity.

The view looking southeast at 3 p.m.

Looking south at 3 p.m.

Southwest view at 5:30 p.m.

A smeary looking rainbow looking east

Looking north from Tucson's east side at 5:30 p.m.

Monsoon sunset through the trees looking west from my apartment balcony just after 7 p.m.

Lucky sleeps on a holy bed

Twice in one week.

That's how many times Lucky has chewed a softball sized hole in the bed he sleeps on at night.

He did it over the weekend and it was the first time he had ever done it.  I thought maybe it might be a one time thing and he smelled something inside of the bed that compelled him to do it.

I went to Target on Sunday night and purchased a new one.  I got a larger, softer one with the hope that he'd be more comfortable and less likely to chew.  I don't know where I got that brilliant idea because it didn't work.

He chewed another hole in the new bed last night.

The only common denominator between the two incidents is that Anthony closed the bedroom door with Lucky in there with him.  He was trying to keep the lights from the rest of the apartment out so he could sleep.  I don't know if that causes Lucky to be bored, stressed, or if it even has anything to do with it.  But he hasn't chewed a hole in the bed under any other circumstance.

For the moment, I flipped his new bed over so the hole faces down.  We'll see if he adds a matching hole to the top side in the near future.

Lucky's new bed is now a holy bed.
Actually, a holey bed.
Either way I'm prayiing he stops.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Runaway Pool Noodle

I got home from work tonight and noticed a pool noodle on the grass near the parking lot at my apartment complex.

I can only guess that it escaped from the pool and it was on the run.

I took a photo of it because I thought it was unusual and had no idea at the time if I would have any use for the picture.

I took Lucky out for a bathroom break a short time later.  The pool noodle was in the same area where he usually poops.  It wasn't moving (or doing anything) and what happened next shouldn't have surprised me... but it did.  Lucky spotted it and he got scared.  His ears went back, he backed up, and the next thing I knew he was behind me looking around my legs in total fear of the pool noodle.

There is very little that doesn't strike fear in Lucky.  I petted him and told him it was okay but he still hid behind me with his tail curled up between his hind legs.  Its a good thing we don't rely on Lucky to be a guard dog... because if someone was going to break in all they would need to be armed with is a pool noodle.

We moved to another area so he could finish his business.  Pool noodle crisis was over.

I wonder if its specifically pool noodles that he has a fear of... or noodles in general.  The next time we have pasta for dinner I'll show him my plate and see if I get the same reaction.

Pool noodles make people die.
Ask Lucky, he'll tell you.

The Rainbow Oreo Controversy

I read a news article today that indicated there are some people who want to boycott Nabisco / Kraft, the makers of Oreo cookies.

The cause of the controversy is at the bottom of this post.  Its a graphic that was put up on Oreo's Facebook fan page as an acknowledgement of Gay Pride Day on June 25.

First of all, I have to give the folks at Kraft a round of applause.  Its not easy doing anything that could cause controversy these days.

A radio program director I worked for nearly ten years ago wrote the most disappointing post I saw on Facebook today relating to this photo.  His post stated he was adding his name to the boycott list.  I don't really care except it occurred to me that he has a problem with gay people and I never knew that during the time I worked with him.  It was confirmed when I responded to his post and he unfriended me.  That was disappointing.  I did a Google search and discovered that he has gone from working in radio in Phoenix (market 15) to Shreveport, Louisiana (market 135).  Maybe he was uncomfortable with the number of gay people who live in Phoenix.  Now that he's unfriended me, I'll never know.

America can be a tough place to live.  The people in this country are divided in many ways.  Religion, the color of your skin, who you love, politics... that's the tip of the iceberg.  Many people's beliefs are so extreme that it leads to ignorance, hatred or even violence.  Most of the time I'm not sure how we all manage to get along well enough to avoid civil war.  Hopefully one won't break out as a result of a cookie.

The marketing people at Oreo were gracious enough to acknowledge a segment of their customers yesterday.  Gay people eat cookies, too.  They finally caught up with the folks who make Fruit Loops with all of those different colored rings in their cereal as well as the makers of Lucky Charms, who have had a rainbow on the front of their cereal box for decades.

I wish they'd actually manufacturer this cookie for distribution.  That much delicious Oreo creme between two chocolate cookies would be almost as awesome as sex.  Almost.

Photo courtesy

Second monsoon storm of 2012

Today the second monsoon storm of 2012 rolled into Tucson.

The first round of storms (there may be more later tonight, time will tell) is primarily hitting downtown Tucson and areas south and west.

Here's a lovely view of storm clouds looking southwest from the back parking lot of the KGUN / Journal Broadcast Group building near Speedway and Kolb:

I don't like rain.
It ruins my hair.

Meeting Bardi Toto

Author and social media guru Bardi Toto was on the show today.  She wrote a book called "Thinking Upside Down Living Right Side Up".

More importantly (to me), she has a whole bunch of  Twitter followers and I thought if I got a photo with her then I'd be cool and get a few new followers (that cool by association thing).  Because its important to me that lots of people get to read my ridiculous and silly Tweets.  Especially the ones I post from the bathroom.

I didn't realize when the photo was taken that a commercial for "Tucson Go Local" was playing in the monitor behind me and a creepy fake pig was going to be in the picture.  The fake pig makes this photo totally epic!


Thanks Bardi Toto for being a guest!

A pig, a Ken, and a Bardi.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Arizona baseball wins the College World Series and other random things

The University of Arizona baseball team won the College World Series tonight in Omaha.  They beat South Carolina.  Arizona coach Andy Lopez was on the Morning Blend at the beginning of the season and he shook my hand.  I'd like to think it was that handshake that made this season's success possible.  Mainly because that hand has brought me a lot of pleasure over the years... if you know what I mean (wink wink).

I watched a very interesting interview of Conan O'Brien on Piers Morgan's show tonight on CNN.  I'm not the biggest fan of Piers' interview style but when he has the right guest he's very good.  Conan has had a remarkable career.  He talked about attending Harvard, finding his way into show business, and how people in show business never seem to feel like they're good enough.  I can relate to the last part.  I know in my own career its believing I'm two seconds away from total disaster that keeps me going.

Speaking of total disaster, I was under the gun this morning when I thought we'd need some fill for today's Blend and hadn't rendered the Iron Chef Tucson video I had edited.  I'm a self taught video shooter and editor and every video I've ever put together I'm nervous about.  But, I usually don't go back and re-edit when I finish.  I make mental notes about what I thought didn't work or look good and apply that to the next one.  It was nice I got some positive feedback about it though.  It airs tomorrow on the Blend.  See it by clicking here.

Lucky is sleeping on a new bed.  He ate a softball sized hole in his original one on Saturday night and I got a larger replacement yesterday at Target.  He seems to like it (as much as he expresses liking anything).

The week's just getting started.  I hope its a good one!

Iron Chef Tucson 2012

I went to the Iron Chef Tucson competition at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort on Saturday night (just like the Food Network show but done on a local level).  I shot some video of the cooking competition between Ryan Clark of Lodge On The Desert (the champion) and challenger Allen Yap of OM Asian Kitchen.

As you'll see, the secret ingredient was Chilean Sea Bass.

I shot and edited this little production and want to give a special thank you to Anthony who helped with the shoot by operating a second camera.  And feel free to ask him... he's now the self professed "King of Panning".

(If you can't view the video below on this page, try the direct link by clicking here.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus in Tucson

Thanks to my job on the Morning Blend, I had the opportunity to go to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus last night at the Tucson Convention Center to shoot some video for today's show.

It was my first time going to the circus.  It was awesome.

The staff that works for the circus is amazing and really nice people, too.

Here's the video I edited together on my laptop to air on the Blend:

(If you can't view the video below, try the direct link by clicking here.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bank Of The West robbed at Speedway and Pantano

I left work at about 5:30 p.m. today and stopped on my way home to get Anthony some Tylenol PM.  He wasn't feeling well.

I went to the Walgreen's at Speedway and Pantano here in Tucson.  Across the street to the east is a Bank Of The West branch.  I quickly realized that there was a crime scene investigation underway at the bank which could only mean one thing:  It had been robbed.

People who rob banks aren't the brightest.  Most of them get caught eventually.  There are a ton of cameras in banks and police release their photos to the media which means chances of getting recognized are significant.  It doesn't seem worth the risk of spending years in prison for a few hundred bucks.  But, I've never robbed a bank so I'm not an expert in this area.

I took a couple of photos from the Walgreen's parking lot looking east across the street at the bank.

In case you're wondering, as I write this, Anthony is sound asleep. The Walgreen's visit was worth it on two fronts... he got the meds he wanted and I enjoyed a Cops moment (I do love that TV show!)

UPDATE 6/28/12:  They caught the woman!  34 year old Melissa Green robbed this bank and a Tucson Healthcare Affiliates Federal Credit Union two days earlier.  Click here for the story from KGUN 9.

Here's a surveillance photo of the robber.
Doesn't anyone try to wear a disguise anymore?
Bad boys bad boys... whatcha gonna do

Bank robbery investigation at Bank Of The West at Speedway and Pantano

The Skype and Poop

I was talking to my friend Brandon last night on Skype and the video stopped on the screen.  He then announced that he was "taking a s**t".  I didn't know you could freeze the video like that on Skype but thanks to a bowel movement I learned something new. (Thanks bowel movement!)

I won't describe the audio I listened to (I know you're thanking me for that right about now) but this is what I ended up looking at for a while.

Modern technology.... bringing the human race closer.
Maybe a little too close.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Ken Carr Cheeseburger and Fries Combo

I try to keep this secret hidden:  I can cook.  But don't expect too much.

I won't spend all day in the kitchen.  If I can't make it in about 30 minutes (or less) then its likely I won't.  But, I can slap together something barely edible and live to tell about it.

Anthony is an amazing cook.  He makes all kind of things that I would never think of.  My cooking universe is comfort food based and all of the things that the healthy eater types find awful.

For example, tonight's fifteen minute Ken Carr cooking extravaganza:  Cheeseburger and fries.  I cooked the burger in a skillet so it had the excitement of swimming in its own luscious grease.  The french fries were frozen and I cooked them in the toaster oven.  The burger was dressed in two things:  A slice of Kraft Singles American Cheese and a whole lot of ketchup.

Richard Simmons would turn over in his grave.  Except he's still alive.

It sure was good!

The homemade Ken Carr cheeseburger and fries combo.
I had a Diet Coke to drink and that cancelled out all the bad calories.

Cake in a mug

Once in a while we have a cancellation on the Morning Blend that results in getting creative to fill a segment.  One of the jobs of a producer is to brainstorm something to fill the time.

It occurred today and thanks to some searching on the computer I came up with a recipe for making cake in a mug from scratch in the microwave.

The challenge with making food on television is the short period of time available to make it.  I Googled "5 minute cake" and found this easy recipe.

Here's the link to it if you want to try and make your own cake in a mug in a microwave:  Click here

Check out a few photos from the segment:

Cake in a mug just taken out of a microwave

Setup of the cake in a mug segment

Flour, sugar, cocoa, egg, oil and milk being stirred in a mug

This is what cake in a mug looks like after it cools

Ann and Mrs. Grant surprised when the cake in a mug pops right out

Adding frosting in a can to cake in a mug

Tasting the finished product

Cake in a mug just removed from a microwave and the finished product on the right with icing

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ultra Brite Toothpaste gives your mouth sex appeal

Anthony and I were at Walmart Neighborhood Market buying a few groceries and I pointed the shopping cart to the toothpaste aisle because I was almost out at home.

Shopping for toothpaste reminds me of Tom, the German exchange student our family hosted for a school year when I was a senior in high school.  Our family picked him up from the airport and on the way home we stopped at the grocery store for some ice cream.  As we travelled through the store, he stopped in every aisle and stared in disbelief.  When I asked what was so fascinating, he explained that he was in awe of the vast selection of items the store had.  Most fascinating was the rows and rows of toothpaste.  He asked me how I was able to choose one when there were sixty varieties.  My answer at the time (this was 1983 mind you) was "the prettiest box".

I still have no idea what the best toothpaste is.  From whitening to gel to fluoride its all a blur.  There is a wide range in price so that doesn't help either.  As a consumer, I'm tempted to think the best toothpaste is the most expensive but in the back of my mind I'm pretty sure if I use that logic I'm likely a victim of exactly what the toothpaste manufacturers want me to think.

I spotted Ultra Brite on the shelf and I had a flashback to my youth.  Ultra Brite was really popular back in the 70's and 80's.  Farrah Fawcett even did Ultra Brite commercials (I'm posting one of the commercials below so you can see what I mean).  It was known as the "sex appeal toothpaste".  It was one of the least expensive toothpaste choices at Walmart Market (one dollar!) and I decided to buy it.

Sex appeal for a buck?  Yes please!

Sex appeal for one dollar?
Best dollar I've ever spent.

Sunset on First Monsoon of 2012

One of the more spectacular sights I've seen in my life is an after monsoon storm sunset.

The sunsets are full of brilliant colors and they make for some awesome photos.

Today was the first monsoon season storm of 2012 and gave Southern Arizona a beautiful sunset as a parting gift.

Anthony checks out the first monsoon sunset of 2012.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Damage from the first Tucson monsoon storm of 2012

The first monsoon storm of 2012 hit Tucson today.

It wasn't strong for a monsoon.  It did cause a few minor lightning strike fires.  It didn't cause any widespread power outages.  It did have some wind, hail (not near me, more southwest of Tucson), rain, and for a brief time a severe thunderstorm warning.

At least there was some excitement! There was also a little bit of wind damage at Ridgepointe.

Wind from the first monsoon storm of 2012 knocked bark and a few branches off of this tree.

This light pole was already down before the storm started so I can't include it in the storm damage.

The storm didn't cause an eviction notice on a nearby apartment.
I just thought I'd include a photo of it for fun.

Tucson's First Monsoon Storm of 2012

We're past the "official" start date of the monsoon season (the start date is now June 15 of each year) and it looks like we're getting the first taste of the monsoon storm season in Tucson.

If you're not familiar with weather in southern Arizona, the monsoon storm season is a big deal.  The ground is very hard so very little rain absorbs into the clay-like soil, it floods easily with minimal rain, and the weather is so nice most of the time that its a big deal for the residents here.

The first storm clouds of the 2012 monsoon storm season.
I don't like rain.  It ruins my hair.

Screen capture of the National Weather Service Radar
as monsoon storms move in south to north.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Riders In The Sky

We had a wonderful music group on the Morning Blend today:  Riders In The Sky.

They are legends in country music.  They joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1982 and they also won a Grammy for their album of songs about Woody for the movie Toy Story 2.

I asked for a photo today and they threw a cowboy hat on my head.  It was purely coincidence that I was wearing this shirt and jeans today.  I didn't even buy the shirt at a western store, I bought it at Tilly's.  But it magically worked out perfectly for this picture.

Damn, I'm good.

Riders In The Sky... and Ken.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Lucky Walk and Poo

Lucky has started doing something unusual in the last four days.  Twice he has been walking at a normal pace and started pooping while he walks.

I am at a loss as to why.  Tonight we went out onto the grass, he immediately peed, then sniffed around and was distracted by every car driving by, person within 100 feet, leaf, and me scratching my leg (normal behavior for him).  I was very patient and after ten minutes I thought he just didn't have to go.  That's usually how it works.

We went on a walk around the perimeter of the apartment complex and had made almost a complete lap.  I keep a close eye on what he's doing because he's unpredictable when he walks.  He stays near me and doesn't pull but due to his high distraction level he'll suddenly decide to change course on the sidewalk and I've almost stepped on him many times.  So I pay attention to what he's doing.

It's a good thing that I paid attention tonight because without warning he started pooping while walking down the middle of the sidewalk.  He didn't slow down, he didn't head for the grass, there is no warning.  He did the same thing on Sunday night right after discovering the wallet that was lost.

The only thing I can think of that's different is we've been transitioning him to a different dog food in the last couple of weeks.  We're almost done with the transition now.  His poop looks exactly the same as it always has so I haven't thought its upset his stomach but maybe it has an ingredient that makes his butthole numb.

He was previously eating Science Diet food and we wanted to switch because Science Diet is only carried at pet stores and requires a special five mile trip to get it.  But, if the Purina food we bought is causing him to have random poo missile firings then the extra cost and hassle of having him eat Science Diet is worth it.  With my luck, he'd start launching turd missiles, I'd slip on a sidewalk land mine, fall, and break a limb for the first time in my life.

To Lucky's credit, pooping while walking borders on a talent.  I'd like to try it once but getting arrested for wearing no pants and pooping while walking down a sidewalk would be more hassle than its worth.

The lamp post has gone limp

On Sunday I told you about a lamp post near my apartment that started to lean to the right.

I thought maybe it was male.  Some males lean to the right.  (If you know what I mean!)

The lamp post has gone from leaning to going completely limp to losing its head.  Hopefully there is Viagra for lamp posts.  Its going to need a whole bottle.  And a roll of duct tape to fix it.

The lamp post leans

The lamp post down for the count

The lamp post losing its head

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What can I buy with three dollars?

I got an e-mail yesterday from Progressive Insurance, the company I have my car insurance with.

"Congratulations!  Your premium has been lowered!"

My no-no parts got excited.  Its nearly never that the price of anything goes down.  I continued reading the e-mail to find out how much I'll be saving.

Three dollars.  The premium went down three dollars.

I was underwhelmed.  I have a clean driving record, premiums paid on time, car is a 2004.  I suppose I should be excited since it didn't go up.  The e-mail tried to sound encouraging.  I was disappointed.

The dreams I briefly had of money for a vacation or buying new socks quickly faded.

I'll use it toward retirement.  Three dollars a month should allow me to retire in the year 2400.

Bill Murray is a cool guy

I've had the privilege of meeting dozens of celebrities in my career.  If there is one to put on my bucket list who I haven't met, it's Bill Murray.

A photo with him and the chance to shake his hand would be amazing.  He's not only a legend, he's just a really cool guy.

Besides acting and comedy, he's also part owner of the Charleston Riverdogs minor league baseball team and their designated "Director of Fun".  (Now THAT is a title I'd like to have at whatever job I'm at!)

During a rain delay at a recent baseball game, he ran the bases over the top of the infield tarp to entertain the fans.

You're awesome Bill Murray.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Anthony gave me the fingerling

I don't know much about fancy food terms.  If you say 'cheeseburger', I know what that is.  French fries?  I know that as well.

Fingerling is a new one to me.  Anthony offered to make dinner last night and he told me the menu would be mushrooms stuffed with sausage and cheese and fingerling potatoes.

My imagination was working overtime.  All I knew is that if the fingerling potatoes had fingernails I was going to have a difficult time choking them down regardless of how they were prepared.

Turns out fingerling potatoes are just potatoes sliced into wedges.  It will remain a mystery why these were named fingerlings instead of wedges.  I've learned not to ask because I won't understand the answer anyway.

The meal was delicious.  There was a chicken breast in there somehow that didn't get eaten and made it into the leftover container.  At least the leftover fingerling potatoes won't be lonely in the refrigerator.

Leftover chicken and fingerling potatoes.
I think the potato on the left is giving me the fingerling.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The lost wallet of Brian Bennett

I was walking Lucky tonight around the apartment complex (Ridgepointe) and on the northwest corner of the complex Lucky stopped to sniff something on the sidewalk.  It turned out to be a wallet.

I wondered if it was garbage or if it actually had someone's stuff inside of it.  I don't like looking inside of someone's lost item like that because sometimes people are funny.  Knowing how my luck works I'd find a lost wallet, return it being completely honest, and then get accused of stealing stuff from it.  Then, if my luck would continue, I'd get arrested, sent to prison, and get rich writing a book about it.  Right when I'd get my first fat royalty check I'd have a heart attack and die.  I'd just like to return the lost wallet without all that.

I took a peek inside and it seemed like it was freshly lost.  There is an I.D. inside that had the complex's address and an apartment near mine on the other side of the complex from where I found it.

I located the apartment, knocked on the door, and a feeble woman's voice on the other side of the door said "who is it?"  I explained through the door that I had found a lost wallet belonging to a guy named Brian and it had her apartment number on it and asked if he lived there.  She said "No, I'm sorry."  I hope I didn't scare the poor lady.  I was just trying to return the wallet.

I know its dangerous to start knocking on random doors after dark near where I found the wallet.  I live in Arizona and I'm pretty much the only one who doesn't have a gun in this state.  I'd prefer to not have bullet holes in me.  I'm still healing from the dog leash wound from Friday afternoon.

I've resorted to my blog, Facebook and Twitter trying to locate the owner.  If you know a Brian Bennett who lives in or visits Ridgepointe Apartments, e-mail me at and I'll arrange to return the wallet.

To help, here's a photo of Brian from his I.D. and the wallet.

Brian Bennett, owner of the wallet I found.
Actually Lucky found it... Brian's lucky that Lucky didn't pee on it.

The Brian Bennett wallet.
I don't know what's in it but hopefully it isn't explosives or women's underwear.

UPDATE 6/10 at 11:20 p.m.:  I posted the link to this on Facebook and Twitter, and Twitter came through!  A guy named Kyle, who has mutual friends with Brian, identified and said its definitely the Brian he knows and he sent him a message on Facebook.  So, with any luck, he'll contact me and he'll get his wallet back tomorrow.

UPDATE 6/11 at 12:17 a.m.:  I've now received Tweets from three people on Twitter saying they know him.  One person has his phone number and left him a message.  Big love for Twitter!

UPDATE 6/11 at 6:30 p.m.:  Happy ending!  I was sent Brian's phone number thanks to his friend @HONORandINTGRTY on Twitter (who follows my @whatsuptucson Twitter) and I talked to him this morning.  I was able to return the wallet this evening.  In an odd twist, I took Lucky with me when I went to return it and for the first time ever the dog pooped on a sidewalk while walking.  I'm going to pretend it was his way of approving how it all turned out.

A lamp post that is obviously male

An odd issue that is occuring at Ridgepointe, the apartment complex that I live at, is failing sidewalk lamp posts.

Sometimes a neighbor (or a neighbor's guest) breaks one (click here for that story) and sometimes they just fail for reasons that are unknown to me.

Another lamp post that is broken is about ten feet from the one destroyed by the neighbor in apartment 37's party guest last weekend.  I noticed the newly damaged lamp post this morning.

I've decided it must be a male lamp post.  Because it leans to the right.

I'm naming this lamp post Eileen.
I know that's not a male's name but it had creative parents.

The final night at Cosmic Bingo

Anthony and I went to the final night of Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol last night.

I talked about the final night of Cosmic Bingo in a previous post.  Click here

It went like most every night of Cosmic Bingo.  No special fanfare or group crying session.

I really enjoyed going to Cosmic Bingo on Saturday nights over the last four years.  Its a lot more fun than regular bingo, which is a relatively silent affair.  People who go to regular bingo don't like to hear talking and its pretty silent overall.  Cosmic Bingo has music, a bar in the bingo hall, disco lights, and bonus games to win extra prizes.  It was a fun and relatively inexpensive activity.  I also was able to sit in a comfortable chair.  I do like comfortable chairs.  I even won some money a few times.

The rumor is that they're going to restart it in the fall.  Who knows if that's really true.  In the meantime, I'll have to find something else to do on Saturday nights.

Is stamp collecting still popular?

The last night of Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol.
Thanks for the memories.

Our first night together was at Cosmic Bingo in 2009.
We went one last time to bid it farewell.

Retro Game Show Night at Colors - the 9.95 Pyramid

I mentioned yesterday that I was asked by Tempest DuJour to be a celebrity guest at Retro Game Show Night at Colors.

I had a ton of fun.  We played "The $9.95 Pyramid", which was a spinoff of the old $25,000 Pyramid.  It was a little naughtier (I didn't mind that a bit!) and the crowd was a lot of fun.

Contestants were chosen from entries placed into Tempest's "big pink hairy box" and we took turns giving and receiving clues.  You'll see a few of those in the photos below.

The event raised a few bucks for the Loft Cinema.

The stage before Retro Game Show Night started

One clue I gave for "Things You Lie About" was "people you've slept with".
No, that doesn't say anything about me.  Really.

"Things On The Floor After The Movie Ends"

Lips and assholes anyone?

I was receiving for this clue.
I didn't get it right.
I had better start listening to my jockstrap more.

Tonya Harding was one of the clues.
She's famous... but for all the wrong reasons!

"Things That Are Slippery"

"A jockstrap" might have been a good clue for this answer.

One of the clues I gave for this answer was "your ass".
Of course, I didn't mean YOUR ass.
I was talking about someone else's.

My head in my hands = I had no idea.

And now, a moment for your imagination.

My head was one of the clues.