Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Jack In The Box Deli Trio

I am signed up for the Jack In The Box e-mail alerts and got an e-mail today alerting me to a free Deli Trio sandwich with the purchase of any item on the menu through this Sunday May 2. Here's the link to the coupon:

The Deli Trio is one of two Grilled Sandwiches that Jack In The Box introduced recently. The Deli Trio has salami, ham, turkey, provolone cheese, a sliced deli pickle (the longer kind instead of the round kind they put on the hamburgers), and a creamy Italian dressing on artisan bread. The other Grilled Sandwich they offer is the Turkey, Bacon and Cheddar.

Tonight was the first time I tried the Deli Trio. I had passed on it before because its pretty expensive for what you get. The sandwich is $4.29 and the combo with the fries and drink is $6.49.

I decided to give it a try thanks to the coupon. The coupon requires buying something else of your choice on the menu so I got two tacos for 99 cents so I could get the free sandwich.

The sandwich tasted good but its truly done fast food style. Its greasy because the bread is grilled. I suspect they throw the whole sandwich on the grill because the cheese was melted and its comes hot. Its kind of like making a grilled cheese yourself but then adding a stack of meat and pickle slices plus some kind of Italian dressing spread.

Its not awesome but its not terrible. If you're looking for something different at the drive thru then you should order one of the Grilled Sandwiches. I suspect it won't be a permanent menu addition but it'll be fun while its around.

Review: Circle K Donuts

I had to go to work early today so a stop at Circle K for a donut became part of my commute.

Circle K stores in the Tucson area offer fresh baked donuts made for them by the Donut Peddler.  I believe the Donut Peddler is out of Phoenix so the donuts and rolls are made there and trucked down each day for delivery into the stores.

The donuts stay surprisingly fresh considering they have to be made early enough to transport them 120 miles and have them in the stores in the early morning hours for sale throughout the day.

I don't eat donuts that often because that volume of sugar screws up my stomach.  But, its a fun treat once in a while.  I like the cinnamon rolls with the white icing when I get them at Circle K.  Very sweet but good.

I have learned the important thing in purchasing a Circle K donut is either get it in the morning so it isn't stale or get one with lots of icing so it is more moist longer.  Buying a cake donut with little icing late in the day will provide you with kind of a stale donut and they don't discount the price if you buy it late in the day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Betty White hosts Saturday Night Live / SNL May 8

Betty White is finally going to host SNL!

After someone started a Facebook page devoted to getting her on SNL (it has more than half a million people following it) her hosting is going to become a reality.  I'll admit, I'm a fan.  She's a legend in the entertainment business and a very funny woman.

Here's the first promotional trailer that NBC has rolled out for the upcoming episode on May 8:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kenparazzi: Commodores at Pima County Fair

Commodores with Mega contest winner Stephanie and some idiot radio boy behind them.

Ken Carr Video: Sausage wakeup

During my trip to Stockton, California in 2009 I left my Flip Camera out and Neil and Brandon decided to put it to good use waking me up with a chorizo a.k.a. sausage.

I just found it on the camera and thought it was time to make the sausage famous.

My line in the video:  "I'm on vacation" pretty much says it all.


Ken Carr video: Commodores at the Pima County Fair

Video featuring the Commodores at the Pima County Fair on April 18, 2010.

Here's a behind the scenes look at Mega's "Dinner with the Commodores" winner Stephanie Portillo and her guests having dinner with Commodores group members J.D. Nicholas, William King, and Walter Clyde Orange backstage as well as what it is like on stage addressing the crowd before the group performs.

I included a short piece of the concert shot from backstage but didn't include any live concert footage because that requires copyright clearance.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ken Carr Video: Eating a corndog at the Pima County Fair

I love going to fairs.  Mostly because the food is beyond awesome.

A trip to the Pima County Fair on Sunday April 18 gave me the opportunity to eat the longest corndog I have ever seen (or eaten).  If that corndog had been a man it would have been able to star in porn.

Thanks to Jason Liberto, Mega's Promotions Guru, for playing cameraman.  I apparently needed to put him on a milk crate or in high heels because when I edited the video I realized he had a little trouble getting my entire head in the shot half the time.  You'll just have to pretend its there.

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

Direct link:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jello Wrestling - sponsor Blake and Alex

Here's your chance to help out with an awesome community event:  Jell-o Wrestling to benefit SAAF (the Southern Arizona Aids Foundation).

Jell-o was started years ago as a benefit for AIDS awareness and has continued on growing in size and fundraising power.  I've attended several times and its silly fun to check out the costumes, themes, and people.  Its also an important fundraising event for the good work that the Southern Arizona Aids Foundation does in Tucson.

A couple of my friends, Alex and Blake, are participating as wrestlers this year at the Jell-o event on May 2 at Tucson Electric Park.  Their goal is to raise $2,000 and I hope you can make a donation.  You don't even have to attend the event to donate.  You can make one with a credit/debit card at:

They're also having a pre-Jell-o fundraiser at IBT's on April 25 to help them toward their goal.  Help out!

Info on this flyer:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ken Carr Video: Fiesta Grande Street Fair

Fiesta Grande Street Fair on April 10, 2010.  Another happy little Kenparazzi production!

Direct link:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Life lesson: Don't carry laundry and run into a counter

I injured myself.

I was carrying an armload of laundry from the dryer into the bedroom and misjudged where I was going.

I crashed into the corner of the counter.  And left a nasty bruise.  Its not really sore as much as rude looking.


Two men and a grill

I've been quite vocal about the neighbors in the one bedroom across from me lately on this blog.  They are quite frustrating.

I came home tonight from work and their latest exploits have taken annoying to a new level.

It kind of started a few weeks ago with "Two Men and a Freezer".  Then a few nights ago there was "Two Men and a Party".

As the weather has gotten warmer they don't like being in their apartment much.  So now they now have lawn chairs out in front of the apartment doors and its not quiet in my apartment anymore in the living room or kitchen until they go to bed or their little parties end.  As it is, I now have to maneuver around chairs outside to get to my front door.

The latest is a big no-no in this complex.  There was a grill with a propane tank attached sitting outside of their door next to the building wall.  According to the lease, no one is allowed to grill by the apartments or on your patio due to fire codes.  They provide a few grills through the complex that are away from the apartments to do that if you want.

So, to recap, its now lawn chairs, numerous people over outside in front of my door, the propane grill, bicycle, the dog on a chain outside, the loud motorcycle, the truck on the sidewalk loading and unloading their freezer to sell meat, and they are never quiet until they go to bed.

I'm not going to confront them about all this.  They both look like they could make my life miserable if they wanted to.  So, I put up with it and hope somehow they get in trouble and are forced to take it back inside where it belongs.

I didn't think there were neighbors that could be more frustrating than the woman who lives upstairs and stomps around half the time but the boys in 6102 have managed to accomplish the impossible!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dixie Carter and her greatest work

Designing Women star Dixie Carter just passed away at the age of 70.

She was best known for her work on the CBS TV show Designing Women.  However, she also did a video back in the day that has an unintentionally funny clip.  Its from her "Unworkout" video and the clip below has something she called "Lion" which basically makes her look like a demon.  Its hilarious!

Direct link:

Two men and a party

My neighbors in the one bedroom apartment across from me are becoming annoying.

These are the same two guys who sell meat out of a freezer in the back of a pickup (see the "Two Men And A Freezer" post).

I came home tonight and they're throwing a little party outside their door (and subsequently that also means my door).  They know I work at the radio station so they starting quizzing me about whether I was coming home from there or not.  I was at Cosmic Bingo with Anthony and I took him home before I came to my home so at least its just me having to deal with all of the ruckus.

I live in one of the quietest apartment complexes on the planet.  They're up late quite often yelling, partying and playing music loud and making all kinds of ruckus.  There is the dog outside on a chain, a bicycle parked out there half the time, driving on the sidewalk to move their freezer in and out of the apartment, and now lawn chairs outside my door.  I'm fortunate that the bedrooms in my apartment are on the opposite end of where they live so I don't have trouble sleeping but they don't have any manners at all.

I've lived in this apartment for three years now.  They're the worst neighbors I've had since living here.  Hopefully they'll sell enough meat to move somewhere else sometime soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chick-Fil-A music video

I like fast food.  If you know me, you know this.

I also like videos about fast food.  This one is about Chick-Fil-A.  Its a win.

Kenparazzi Video: Mega Monsoon Party

I've always had fun taking pictures and shooting video.

I purchased my first video camera back in the mid-1990's.  It was a High 8 Sony and I still have the tapes.  Most of the video was shot around the house because while the camera was small for its day it still weighed several pounds and was a hassle to carry around.

Video has truly become major for the internet.  And, cameras have become sophisticated yet smaller all the time.  Its now easy to throw a Flip Video Camera in my pocket or even my Sony HD.

I've decided to get more into video.  I recently scored new video editing software that should move things along.  It hasn't been terribly difficult for me to learn because it uses the same principles as the editing software we use for making commercials at the radio station.  I downloaded the video editing software last week and have now shot and edited two videos with it.  I thought I'd share the one I just completed.

A video done for the Mega Monsoon Party:

Direct link:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Duct tape bowling: The reedit

I have some new video editing software and this is the first video put together with that software.

Duct tape bowling.  The reedit.  Starring David and Andrew.

In case you're wondering, this is the way I edited it with the previous software. I think its an improvement.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kenparazzi TV: Suspicious noises

Engineer Dale had to crawl into the ceiling to fix something at the radio station and ended up making noises that I could pick up from the vent below that sounded a little dirty.

Here's sixty seconds of "Suspicious noises" (Oooh! Here's a flashlight!)

In case you're wondering, here's where Dale was in the ceiling making his happy little noises: