Monday, April 12, 2010

Two men and a grill

I've been quite vocal about the neighbors in the one bedroom across from me lately on this blog.  They are quite frustrating.

I came home tonight from work and their latest exploits have taken annoying to a new level.

It kind of started a few weeks ago with "Two Men and a Freezer".  Then a few nights ago there was "Two Men and a Party".

As the weather has gotten warmer they don't like being in their apartment much.  So now they now have lawn chairs out in front of the apartment doors and its not quiet in my apartment anymore in the living room or kitchen until they go to bed or their little parties end.  As it is, I now have to maneuver around chairs outside to get to my front door.

The latest is a big no-no in this complex.  There was a grill with a propane tank attached sitting outside of their door next to the building wall.  According to the lease, no one is allowed to grill by the apartments or on your patio due to fire codes.  They provide a few grills through the complex that are away from the apartments to do that if you want.

So, to recap, its now lawn chairs, numerous people over outside in front of my door, the propane grill, bicycle, the dog on a chain outside, the loud motorcycle, the truck on the sidewalk loading and unloading their freezer to sell meat, and they are never quiet until they go to bed.

I'm not going to confront them about all this.  They both look like they could make my life miserable if they wanted to.  So, I put up with it and hope somehow they get in trouble and are forced to take it back inside where it belongs.

I didn't think there were neighbors that could be more frustrating than the woman who lives upstairs and stomps around half the time but the boys in 6102 have managed to accomplish the impossible!