Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Anthony is thirsty

I came home from work and noticed that Anthony left a partially consumed bottle of water on the roof of his car.

It sat there all night even with some pretty aggressive wind.

He didn't drink it or throw it away. He put it back in his car. Maybe he's saving it for another windy day.

Water bottle left on top of Anthony's car.
Maybe he left it there to weight the car down in the wind.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Curl-A-Dog and Squeeze Me Piggie sounds like a date I've had

It's the end of another week. My, how time flies.

It's interesting to me how predictable each year seems to be, most specifically at work. Everyone's mood seems to repeat at various points in the year. For example, there's extra enthusiasm about starting a new year, then late spring a cloud of grumpy appears. Summer is tough because a lot of people go on vacation and Tucson is a grind to get through the hot months. Fall brings new energy after Labor Day, and then the holidays hit and no one really wants to be at work.

The spring grumpy period has started. I hope it doesn't last long. As for me, I'm a person who lives so much in the present that I'm usually really happy to be anywhere. I consider myself the luckiest bastard who has ever lived that I still make it out of bed every morning, all my systems are fairly functional, and I manage to stay employed. Everything else is gravy.

Even on the weekends, I'm still the luckiest bastard in the world. I get to sleep in, do some laundry, and wash the dog. If I'm extra fortunate, I get to go somewhere.

This week's Sunday excursion with Anthony was a trip to Taco Bell for a delicious dinner, the grocery store, and Walgreens. I even shot photos. Amazing!

Mexican Pizza and two Taco Supremes at Taco Bell for Ken

Anthony opens his Taco Bell Big Box


Abandoned ketchup at with the trail mix at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Anthony had trouble deciding between
Extra Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
It was basically a decision of burning asshole
when it comes out or extra burning asshole.

Smooth Move tea
relieves occasional constipation.
Don't drink too much or it becomes Explosive Move.

Son of a beach.... defense.

Sasquatch pizza
Nothing says yummy like a foot in your pie.
It's extra tasty if there's fungi.

Abandoned cheese singles with the refrigerated cake.

Abandoned potato salad with large refrigerated cake.



Anthony didn't ask for assistance with the top shelf.
He's a rebel Dottie, a loner.

"Michelle's plot to destroy Hillary".
She apparently is attempting to out-snarl her.

Justin Bieber is apparently "the best lover ever".
In contrast, I'm the worst lover ever and can't even
grow a Bieber style moustache.
It's official, I have nothing to live for.

Anthony finally smiled for one of my photos.

Curl-A-Dog hot dog slicer at Walgreens.
The box contains a bonus of 20 hot dog recipes.
I only know one recipe - cook the damn thing
and put it on a bun.

Squeeze Me Piggie
sounds like a date I've had.

Anthony's enthusiasm for buying this on clearance
was entirely driven by the bunny ears that
came with it.


Yo Anthony, I found something for you.
It might be a little big but your
perky bosoms should hold it up nicely.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A sundae on a Sunday

Dinner at Arby's, grocery shopping, dessert at Baskin-Robbins.

Just another sundae, I mean Sunday, in the life of ol' Ken Carr.

Eating in an empty Arby's.
I think most people use the drive thru these days.

Classic roast beef and potato cakes

Wave Dazzler Jump Rope
It's 7 feet of help you work off the food you just bought


Hey Anthony,
would you like any ice cream with your peanut butter syrup?

A sundae on a Sunday

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spitters are quitters

An unusual storm rolled through Tucson today. I say it's unusual because April is typically a very dry month in this area. It rained hard on and off all day and it was a cold. Lucky hates any kind of weather but sunny, so he hid in the bathroom all day.

Anthony and I braved the weather (I'm delicate you know) to eat dinner at Culver's and do our weekly grocery shopping.

Plenty o' pictures from being out today:

Driving the poomobile down a rain soaked
Speedway Blvd

Our order number was hitting on the ketchup

Damn it, I forgot to shoot a photo of my pork tenderloin
sandwich before I took a bite out of it.

Anthony's chicken tenders and cheese curds

Happy Birthday Coca-Cola bottles at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Apparently you can only drink these one day a year.


Nestle is taking a cue from the Oreo people
and creating more Drumstick flavors.
Plenty of chocolate in this box.

Drumstick limited edition banana split flavors.
I don't understand why there are images of sunglasses
and palm trees on the box.

One of the first trips Anthony and I ever made to the store
he talked me into buying a 100 count box of Otter Pops
to keep in my apartment freezer when I lived alone.
He never did eat any of them and they sat in my freezer
at Kachina Springs until I moved out. He posed for this
photo as a reminder that he suckered me into buying them
 nearly 7 years ago.

Anthony said he loved the Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion chips
when he was a kid.
He's all grown up now and Ruffles still have rrridges.

Spooky giant Minion eye on this bag
of Pure Growth Organic snack mix.
Those crazy marketing Minions are still at it.

Paqui Tortilla Chips - Haunted Ghost Pepper.
"Homemade Horror"
Eeeeeeeek. Booooo.
And other assorted ghost noises.

Someone left this laundry detergent by the toilet paper.

Hey Anthony, I found something for you...
and there's good news, it's gentle.

Yo Anthony, I found something else for you
and your dirty, dirty colon.

This probiotic helps with gas and bloating.
Heh heh gas.


Apparently ten loads can be harmful if swallowed.
But you know what they say, spitters are quitters.

When costumers are more important than customers

Anthony and I watched the new episode of Bar Rescue on Spike TV tonight. I had to pause the TiVo and take a picture of a poorly written text graphic that appeared at the end of the episode.

The show that I work on takes great pride in making as few mistakes as possible (we're human, the occasional error does occur) with our graphics. There are two of us who write all of the text in the graphics, primarily the other producer who I work with does most of the work (I can't take credit for the heavy lifting he does each day). He does a tremendous job in getting most of them right and I can't imagine a mistake like the one below would ever happen on the Morning Blend.... knock on wood.

What this graphic should say:  "The staff continues to uphold standards, and trusts the new food & drink items will soon attract customers back in." Unfortunately for Spike and Bar Rescue, that is not what it says.

Three typos, one graphic. Brutal. I'm wondering if it'll get corrected for future airings of this episode.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nashville Hot Chicken and Black Fist

My anxiety level is a little elevated. My friend Brandon talked me into taking a vacation. He used a bribe of sorts... he paid for the hotel room.

I'm going to Las Vegas. Both Anthony and I are going in early June. I'm facing the realization that it's only two months away.

I've always felt that vacation time is a reward for hard work. The challenge here is that I have never really felt I worked hard enough to deserve a vacation. On top of that, vacations are full of unpredictable expenses and I'm not wealthy enough to afford trips except to work and the grocery store.

Most of the traveling I have done in my life has been work related or to attend an event like a wedding. Even when I was a kid, my family didn't do vacations. We made a handful of trips but the number of times we went on real vacations to visit relatives or just to get out of town I could count on one hand.

The best thing that happened this week was a spur of the moment trip to Desert Diamond Casino last night. I haven't had much luck lately when I have gone to the casino but I had some freeplay on my Desert Diamond card so I gave it a shot and won a few hundred bucks. That has made me feel a little more confident about the Vegas trip. I won enough to cover gas and food costs for the four day vacation.

On a side note, this is an extra big deal in my life because it's the first vacation day I've taken since December 17, 2010. I definitely pace myself when it comes to taking time off.

As far as the rest of the week, it was pretty routine and wrapped up today with the usual Sunday dinner and grocery store excursion. Anthony and I went to KFC for dinner and Walmart Neighborhood Market to purchase groceries.

Dinner at KFC on Tanque Verde

Anthony wanted to try the Nashville Hot Chicken

His review: "Ken, it's too hot for you" which translates
to "Ken, it would hurt your butthole when it comes out".
It's good that I didn't try any.

I ordered Chicken Littles

I also ordered potato wedges

The old Hog Pit location across the street from KFC
appears to be getting some work done to it.
Or, at least something large is getting thrown away.

Anthony at Walmart Market with an armload
of Payday Snack Bites

The debate: Is five containers enough for the week?

McVitie's Digestive crackers
Cardboard covered with chocolate "flavor".

Limited edition Oreo Strawberry Shortcake cookies
Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

They also make Red Velvet, too

This guy on the Intex Lounge Sit 'N Float
seems a little too happy about sinking into the pool

Bat and ball with the pool toys.
Nothing like a weapon in the pool to make
swimming time happy time.

Lady Dishbrush
She may be smiling now but that will go away
when her head is plunged into a sink full of water and dishes

I thought a porn had ended up in the DVD bin at Walmart Market
but it seems I was wrong.
Or was I?


"Dying Angie losing battle"
79 pounds and hospitalized.
Someone give that woman a sandwich!