Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A dipped cone that looks like poo

I got the mail today and the usual weekly set of ads arrived.

I looked through and noticed a 99 cent special on dipped ice cream cones from Wienerschnitzel.  I did a double take when I saw the ad because it looked to me like poop.

You be the judge.

Small dipped cone at Wienerschnitzel for only 99 cents on Wednesday
It doesn't matter if it looks like poop as long as it doesn't taste like crap.

More winter cloud photos

Here are a couple of photos I shot in the last couple days of some clouds during a winter storm:

Driving west on Speedway Blvd after work with clouds looming over Tucson.
This was a cold, wet, windy storm or as I like to call it: Yucky.

Cold day in Tucson... with a colorful sunset
as seen from my master bedroom balcony.

Trashy Graffiti

Graffiti artists / taggers find strange places to place their art.

There isn't much graffiti that appears at Ridgepointe Apartments where I live, but once in a while someone finds a creative place to put it.

I went to throw out some garbage on Monday morning and saw this behind the dumpster.  It was behind a trash bin that is poorly lit at night so the tagger likely didn't have too much problem hiding while they did their deed.

How trashy.

Graffiti on this wall behind a dumpster at Ridgepointe
What a pretty shade of blue.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Meeting Justin Willman

I met Justin Willman today.

Justin was on the Morning Blend to promote his shows at the Gaslight Theater in Tucson.

If you're not familiar with Justin, he's a well known magician (I've seen him perform magic tricks on Ellen before appearing on our show) and he also hosts The Food Network shows Cupcake Wars and Last Cake Standing.

Here he is in the photographic debut of the striped green sweater I'm wearing in this picture.  I bought it off of the clearance rack at Target.

Justin Willman and Ken Carr
He is a famous magician and star of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network
I'm famous in my own mind and like to eat cupcakes.
Together for one fabulous photo.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ken Carr Photo Art: Ridgepointe Apartments at night

I arrived home from the grocery store tonight and when I got out of the car to unload the groceries, I looked toward the east and thought this might make for a cool photo.

A full moon behind the clouds over the office of Ridgepointe Apartments.

Full moon behind clouds over Ridgepointe Apartments.
Pretty and spooky at the same time.

Wine, sausage, and Beaver sauce

Today was the weekly Ken Carr trip to the grocery store.  I had to go solo because Anthony wasn't feeling well.  It's a lot more work to concentrate on shopping and take photos.  But, I managed to get it done.

Grocery store of choice: Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft in Tucson

Valentine's cookies and cupcakes
It's 2 1/2 weeks until Valentine's Day and Walmart Market has already baked themselves stupid

Turning Leaf Wine, Hickory Farms Mints, and Hickory Farms Summer Sausage
Wine, mints and sausage: The ultimate triple threat.

Land O Lakes Co-Jack Cheese
This Co-Jack is not to be confused with Telly 'Kojak' Savalas, the 1970's TV star.

Candy bar, 2 cans of chili, and Junior Mints
I found this odd collection in the candy aisle.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Beaver Brand Horseradish Seafood Cocktail Sauce
I never knew until now what Beaver Sauce looks like.
Or that it's only $2.00.

Depend for Women Underwear
In case the Beaver Sauce upsets your stomach.

Knee pads in the pantry

Living with other people means that sometimes things happen that have no explanation.

For example, finding a set of knee pads in the back of the pantry.

Behind a loaf of bread, a package of hamburger buns, and next to toilet bowl cleaner I found a pair of knee pads today.

This is the same pantry where I recently found a roll of toilet paper with the soup.

Life is like a box of chocolates... or random things in a pantry.  You never know what you're going to get.

Knee pads in the pantry
They're handy if you have to make lunch on your knees.

1800 N. Stone: Party for 1000 at the Standard

A fun moment occurred tonight in my Twitter history.

I was doing laundry and listening to the police scanner and there was a dispatch for what was described as "a rather large party" at the Standard, a college student targeted apartment complex at 1800 N. Stone across from the old Wildcat House location.

I started Tweeting the info on my @whatsuptucson Twitter, and it was interesting to hear the sequence of dispatches (which I relayed on Twitter as it happened).  The Tucson Police Department had to get additional units from around the city to assist, the helicopter unit flying overhead estimated the crowd at about a thousand people, someone fired shots into the air then sped off in a Dodge Intrepid, and it took officers a while to clear out the crowd.

The complex was given a red tag (a designation that means a loud party has occurred at a location that has disturbed neighbors and comes with a fine and a 8 1/2 x 11 bright red sticker that has to be displayed prominently).  And, one of the residents of the complex recorded the shots being fired on their cell phone which likely will get whoever did the shooting in trouble later.

Tweeting the sequence of events caused my follower count on @whatsuptucson to surge to over 9,000 followers.  I'm always grateful that people are interested in what I Tweet (and especially that many).

Next time, maybe someone will invite me and I can Tweet it in person!

Update:  There was another dispatch to The Standard at 2:30 a.m. for someone with a gun, but they had apparently left by the time police arrived.  That was one wild party.

Full moon behind clouds

A pretty sight over Tucson tonight:  A full moon behind clouds.

Full moon behind passing clouds over Tucson
Kind of looks like a lightbulb behind puffs of cotton

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Best Buy is out of T

I drove past the Best Buy store on Broadway west of Wilmot in Tucson and noticed they have a little problem with their sign.

The 't' in Best Buy has gone dark.

Bes Buy sounds like it's being pronounced by someone with a lisp.  Just sayin'.

The T is burned out on the Best Buy sign at the east side location in Tucson. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A tree and a cloud

I walked out of my apartment this morning to go to work and the light from the sun hit a tree west of Ridgepointe that made it stand out.  We had several days of hard freezes just over a week ago and the tree lost it leaves.  As the sun hit it, it was a dramatic contrast to the clouds behind it.

Once I got home tonight from work, the sky really showed the lead of a winter storm that is coming in tomorrow.  It's one of the more grey sunsets I've seen in a while.

Here are the photos:

A brown leafless tree stands out as the sun rises over Tucson

A cloudy sunset over Tucson

Signs signs everywhere there's urinal signs

The urinal is broken in the first floor men's room at the KGUN building.

An engineer put a sign on it to warn people not to use it.  Then, a few days later, another sign appeared above it.  It made me laugh.

I have some funny co-workers.

Two signs above the men's room urinal at work.
Thank goodness this was here or I would have used the toilet incorrectly.

Canned cheese suicide

Someone at work put a can of spray cheese on top of a sidewalk light outside of the east door at the KGUN building.

My co-worker Allison alerted me to the odd sight.  But, when I had a chance to go outside to witness this for myself... the can jumped to it's death.

I never knew spray cheese could face emotional problems.

Spray cheese and a sidewalk light
It looks like the cigarette butt jumped to it's death here too.

Lucky lost his ice cream

I bought Lucky a latex squeaker ice cream bar.

I haven't bought him a latex toy before.  I wasn't sure if he'd like it, hate it, or destroy it.  It turns out that he likes it and he walks around the apartment squeezing it in his mouth so it squeaks.  Fortunately, he hasn't decided to try that during the night while I'm sleeping.

Dog toys end up in random places around the apartment sometimes.  I accidentally stepped the ice cream bar toy while I was walking to the bathroom and it scared the crap out of me.

At least with this kind of ice cream, it doesn't leave a sticky mess or melt.

Lucky's ice cream bar squeaker toy
It looks like it has the mumps.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guy Fieri salsa and bread slices on the ground

This week's visit to Walmart Neighborhood Market:

Valentine Iced Sugar Cookies at Walmart Neighborhood Market
Its more than 3 weeks until Valentine's Day... these will be stale by then.

Lofthouse Love Sugar Cookies
Or as Anthony calls them: "Crack".

Little Debbie Be My Valentine Marshmallow Treats
Nothing says love like Rice Krispie Treats dyed red.

Little Debbie Be My Valentine individually wrapped cakes

Little Debbie Be My Valentine cakes
Whether you like white, red or brown, these cakes are full of love for the town. (I made that up).

Spongebob Squarepants Krabby Pattie Candy
Every time I hear the term 'Krabby Pattie' I think its some sort of sexually transmitted disease.

Guy Fieri Original Old Skool and Chipoltle Da Spice Is Right salsa
I didn't know Guy Fieri could cook anything.
All I ever seen him do on television is eat.

Diet Coke - 28 cans for $7.48
Yes please.

Keebler Cinnamon Roll cookies - with Cinnabon cinnamon.
I actually bought these, and they are unbelievably delicious.

Keebler Cinnamon Roll cookies
It says: "Tastes Great Warm!" on the package... which sounds like a date I've had.

Mother's Circus Animal Cookies
Recently I posted a picture of green and white... and now they have brown and white.
A white speckled camel is pretty believable.

Bread on the ground! Bread on the ground!
Lookin' like a fool with the bread on the ground!

Kardashian Kolor
I don't know whether to laugh or cry... but I'm going with the latter.

I've never met a Target I didn't like

Anthony and I visited the Target store on Broadway in Tucson last night.  I've been to that location before but it's been a while.

I needed some new undershirts.  We looked at TV's (my old 2003 model Sony standard definition 36 inch TV is in our living room, it's probably time to get something newer and in HD that we pick out together), and checked out the clearance racks.  Anthony also went shopping for candy.

Good times.

Anthony shops the clearance rack at Target
He holds a Starbucks drink and a bunch of shirts on one arm while fighting off the Kenparazzi with the other

Anthony checks out the Valentine's candy at Target
He's like a kid in a candy store.

Anthony looks at Valentine's candy at Target
They didn't have the right kind of Peeps.
It almost ruined our visit to Target.

A candid photo of Anthony at Target
Now he knows how Justin Bieber feels about the paparazzi.

A Sunday visit to Park Place Mall

I have always loved going to the mall.

I don't like browsing (I am a very purposed shopper... I know what I want and once I get it, I'm done), but I like the atmosphere.  There are beautiful people everywhere, its a unique social experience, and most malls have a food court that includes a Cinnabon.

Anthony and I went to Park Place Mall on Tucson's east side yesterday because I needed some new jeans from Old Navy.  We also ate an early dinner at the food court (Rubio's Mexican) and he got some Starbucks.

I also took photos:

Old Navy at Park Place Mall
I got the jeans I wanted, but was disappointed that 70% of the store is women's clothing.

50% clearance sale at Old Navy
Maybe they'll clear out some of the women's clothing so the store will be half men's / half women's again.

Clearance rack at Old Navy
Apparently orange t-shirts didn't sell well during the holidays

Anthony checks out the clerance rack at Old Navy
Apparently he knows a good deal on a bright orange t-shirt when he sees it

Rubio's at the Park Place food court for dinner
I had a burrito especial.

"Please enter here" sign
I know a few people that should have underwear with this printed on it.

Burrito Especial from Rubio's Mexican at Park Place

Chicken salad from Rubio's
This is what Anthony ordered

The food court at Park Place has this giant TV in the middle.
I wonder who gets the remote.

Talbots at Park Place is closing.
You have seven days left to get a fancy dress (7 days from January 20, 2013 that is).

Anthony stands in line to order at Starbucks at Park Place

Marshmallow Dream Bar at Starbucks
Don't let the fancy name fool you, it's a Rice Krispie treat.

The menu at Starbucks
There isn't anything on here that I like. Where's the Diet Coke?

Tucson Police busting someone in the Park Place parking lot
Apparently the guy sitting on the police car hood couldn't afford the 50% off clearance prices at Old Navy.