Sunday, January 20, 2013

Plants damaged from five day Tucson hard freeze

Tucson is a usually warm place to live.

But, there are moments where winter does rear its ugly head.  It rarely gets cold enough to damage most plants.  But, there are a handful of nights each winter that can kill some of them if it gets cold enough.

Tucson had a record breaking five day hard freeze recently.  The daytime high didn't pass 48 degrees for those five days, which is the first time that has happened since 1971.  The cold weather brought hard freezes every night.  One night it dropped to 19 degrees.

A few of the plants within eyeshot of my master bedroom balcony at Ridgepointe are showing signs that they didn't fare well during the cold snap.  The temperature has bounced back to the 70's but it will probably take weeks or months for these plants to return to their former green glory.

Tree next to my balcony
These leaves were green until the cold snap

Green palm plant that has turned brown

Bush below my balcony