Sunday, January 6, 2013

Angry Birds, sushi, and spilled soup

Today was the weekly trip to Walmart Neighborhood Market to purchase groceries.

My quest each week is to get a few fun unique photos (unique as in different from trips in past weeks).  The 22nd and Craycroft store in Tucson was today's destination.

Here are this week's photos:

Walmart makes sushi.
The sign says they make traditional sushi with a modern twist.
Maybe that means its microwaved.

Someone dropped a can of soup.
Campbell's Chunky Soup... eats like a meal, drops like a rock.

Angry Birds: The graham cracker

Valentine's Day candy now comes in varying degrees of affection... and punctuation.

Angry Birds -- the toothbrush with turbo power.
Its scary to even consider putting an Angry Bird in your mouth.

Finally, I have a way to predict this.
And, it has a wide absorbent tip.

Anthony reads a gossip magazine while we wait for the conveyer belt to clear so we can pay for our groceries.
And, thanks to the magazine, he learned that stars can look scary without makeup.