Sunday, January 6, 2013

Justin Bieber, knee pads, and a bathroom rug

I gave Lucky a bath in the bathroom next to the home office today, and realized when I picked the rug on the floor up so it could dry, that it smelled like someone had died on it.  Lucky sleeps on it quiet often and it was an old cheap rug.  Those aren't a good combination to keep it fresh.

It was time for a new rug.  Which required an emergency trip to Target.

The trip to Target also involved talking Anthony into buying knee pads for a training exercise he has to do at his work this week.  There is nothing funnier than talking louder than necessary in a relatively quiet Target store about how much he needs knee pads.  There were a few customers who looked at me with the thought they were for something else... if you catch my drift.

I also spotted a couple of Justin Bieber items that I took photos of... just for fun.

Justin Bieber notebooks at Target.
Pick your notebook size and Justin Bieber hair

Justin Bieber sheets at Target.
I tried talking Anthony into letting me buy these (they were on clearance!)
It turns out that only one of us wants to sleep on Justin Bieber.
Some other lucky girl will get them instead.

The Kenparazzi strikes at Target.
I don't know who is behind that hand, but they may have a pair of knee pads tucked under their right arm.

I tried to talk Anthony into buying these so he could wear them to work.
It turns out that a Juvenile Detention Officer doesn't get much respect when wearing melon colored pastels.