Sunday, January 6, 2013

The new Jimmy John's at Pima and Wilmot

Jimmy John's sandwich shop has a new location near my apartment at Pima and Wilmot in Tucson.  Its in the old pink Chuy's restaurant location, which was remodeled and now is a Jimmy John's and several other business spaces (that haven't been rented out yet).  Anthony and I ate there today.

It is a pretty typical Jimmy John's location.  The sandwiches are good, made super fast, and they yell at you when you walk in the door.  The one thing this location has that is cool -- is a drive thru.

They're close enough to deliver to Ridgepointe, and I will probably take them up on it at some point in the future.

The new Jimmy John's sandwich shop at Pima and Wilmot in Tucson
The caution tape out front is a nice decorative touch.
(That's Anthony walking down the sidewalk)

Jimmy John's drive thru

Jimmy John's at Pima and Wilmot -- the counter where you order.
Funny thing I noticed: The Dasani water refrigerator on the left needs to have one of the feet unscrewed
to make it level... an employee was pushing on the top and it was rocking back and forth like it was drunk.

Lunch at Jimmy John's... the before photo

Lunch at Jimmy John's... the after photo

The attempt to take Anthony's picture at Jimmy John's was met with a cloak of sweater.