Sunday, January 13, 2013

ShamWow, Forever Comfy, and Frosty Dawgs

The last stop during today's shopping extravaganza was at CVS Pharmacy at Grant and Rosemont in Tucson.  Anthony needed to pick up a prescription refill, and I needed to look at stupid stuff they had for sale.

The pharmacy part of CVS turned out to be closed for the night (so Anthony was screwed), but I still had the opportunity to take some photos.

ShamWow at CVS
Vince, the guy on the upper right of the ShamWow box, was arrested in 2009
for getting into a fistfight with a hooker in Miami.
I'll bet he cleaned up the bloody mess with one of these.

Forever Comfy
I've seen this commercial on TV and it's awesome (and they have them at CVS for $19.99).
The truck driver: "My back feels good and my bottom feels good"
And the guy at the computer that pretends to type at the keyboard and then points at the screen.
See the commercial at:

Frosty Dawgs Squeaky Ice Cream Toys
I bought this for Lucky.
Now when I have an ice cream cone, he won't be jealous...
but I will be jealous of him, because his squeaks.