Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pepperidge Farm Lemon Cake Twitter Love

I have another reason to love Twitter.

Anthony loves Pepperidge Farm 3-Layer Lemon Cake.  Its difficult to find in Tucson stores.  So, I decided to ask the person who runs the @pepperidgefarm Twitter account if there is an easier way to locate his favorite cake.

I remained frustrated trying to find the cake so I Tweeted Pepperidge Farm a photo of the freezer section at the store showing that they carried other kinds of 3 Layer cake but not lemon.

I received a Tweet back asking for my address and a few days later I got a surprise shipped to me.  I tell the story in the video below.

After this amazing gesture, I'm a big fan of Pepperidge Farm!  Follow 'em on Twitter!  @pepperidgefarm

Flashback: Pima County Fair 2011

The Pima County Fair is going on this week and while I haven't gone (yet) to this year's fair it did remind me of the fun of last year's fair.

Here's the video from last year's fair fun when I was there for Mega 106.3, saw Boyz II Men, and ate a giant corndog:

Mmm corndog.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Walmart Market (again)

Another trip to Walmart Market at Grant and Alvernon... more photos.

One of these oranges is bloated... and blonde.

Anthony likes these things.
I think the name sounds a little too much like Velveeta.

Pepperidge Farms insists that Lemon 3 layer cake is still available in Tucson.
They told me so after I asked them on Twitter.
Doesn't look like it is to me.

A visit to Bookman's

I've lived in Tucson for 11 years and today was the first time I've been in a Bookman's.

If you're not familiar, its a used bookstore / music store / dvd store, and a variety of other used items like musical instruments and knick knacks.

I found a few fun things while I was there!

I found this metal status of Mother Teresa.
I gave her a kiss and she didn't even notice.
Proof that my kisses don't bring metal status back to life.

Here I am riding wood.

I found Rollerblade Ken.
If anyone wondered if Ken was gay... this outfit speaks volumes.

David and Justin's reception

I was privileged to be a guest at my friends David and Justin's wedding reception yesterday.

It was in the country in Amado, Arizona.  Rural Arizona is true desert.  Rocks, cactus, and amazingly enough I had four bars of signal on my Blackberry.

Anthony came with me and we had a great time.  I shot some video and photos and put them all in to one video presentation.

Make sure you watch toward the end when I present them with their gift.  I was rather proud of it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I ran across an internet oddity tonight.

If you Google 241543903 and click images, you'll find row after row of people sticking their heads in freezers.  As in their home freezers.

Its difficult to track down where it started but its obvious that its one of those weird internet trends that has no real explaination.

The internet never ceases to amaze.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The wonder of the internet

Random moment of the day:  I got an e-mail tonight from a roommate (Russ) who I shared an apartment with in Columbia, Missouri... IN 1988!!

He worked in law enforcement then, and still does.  Married the girl he was dating when we were roommates, they are still together and now have teenage children.

I am amazed every day with the connections (and reconnections) made possible thanks to the internet.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Safeway, Ding Dongs, and Anthony's head

Weekends in my life usually involve some sort of grocery store visit.

Today I went to Safeway at Grant and Craycroft with Anthony.  I always bring my camera because its fun to search for fun picture opportunities.

Here is today's result:

Someone left this elephant sippy cup on top of a Corona beer display.
It would make sense to drink beer out of a sippy cup... a lot less spilling when you're drunk.

Following Anthony around Safeway.

The results of this picture were totally accidental.
I went to take a photo of the Ding Dong box and Anthony popped up on the other side of the display.
Ding Dong... there's Anthony's head!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anthony's lasagna

Anthony did some cooking last night.  He made a delicious spinach and mushroom lasagna.

After eating the lasagna, I was disappointed that my arms didn't do that crazy instant muscle thing  that Popeye's always did where a locomotive would appear in his arm and then he'd punch Bluto.

But, I did enjoy the lasagna.

Anthony making spinach and mushroom lasagna

Anthony hard at work making lasagna.
Despite having a plastic egg full of Pop Rocks on the counter to the left, that's not an ingredient that goes into the lasagna.

Storm damage in Tucson (sort of)

We have amazing weather in Tucson most of the year.  That's why I make an effort to take and post photos of bad weather days just because they're different than the standard sunny and warm.  However, I will say the definition of bad weather for Tucson is pretty regular weather for most other places.

Today we had a chilly (60 degrees) and windy day.  Unusual for mid-April.  It even rained a little in some areas of the city this morning.

I had a good laugh today when I spotted a four inch tree branch that had fallen onto my second floor balcony outside my front door.  Storm damage Tucson style!

Tucson storm damage in April.
This tree branch never had a chance.

In case I die...

I woke up this morning and Anthony had left a space heater on and the apartment heat on at full blast and left to go book shopping.

If I ever wondered what a turkey feels like in an oven, I got a sample. It was unbelievably hot.

I've been kidding with him since he came home -- saying I should blog that he attempted to kill me. Attempted murder by cooking me alive (you know that I'm kidding... right?).

If I had cooked any more I would have been ready to serve for dinner. All that would have been needed is a side of mashed potatoes and gravy and some stuffing.

Stuffing is wonderful. Just not while I'm trying to sleep.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sonic Booms in Tucson today - 4/13/12

Some people in Tucson heard a very loud boom today.  The boom even shattered some windows in the area of Speedway and Craycroft on the east side.

I received a few inquiries on Twitter as to what it was (I didn't hear it but my office is in the middle of the building and if it was loud I just thought somebody in the KGUN building had farted) so I went to the newsroom to ask my co-worker Ina.

Ina said, "Oh Kenneth, it was a sonic boom thanks to aircraft practicing over Tucson for this weekend's airshow at Davis-Monthan Air Force base."

Anthony even texted me right after it happened asking if I knew what it was.  We live near Pima and Wilmot in the area where it seems it was reported as the loudest.

If the sonic boom is any indication, its going to be an awesome (and loud) airshow this weekend!

Update:  I found out that it really was aircraft breaking the sound barrier.  It apparently takes a lot of power and a low level altitude to cause the damage that occured.  Someone flying aircraft where they weren't supposed to must be in trouble.  Officials at Davis-Monthan have apparently had to take claims from people and businesses who had windows broken.  I have no idea at this point who gets to write the check for all of those broken windows but the Air Force is funded by taxpayers so that might be the first clue.

The Roys

Today on the Morning Blend we had The Roys, a bluegrass / country band perform on the show.

They're in Arizona to perform at the Country Thunder music festival in Florence this weekend.

They're really nice people and I talked them into taking a moment to pose in a couple of photos with ol' Ken.

I had to bend over for this photo so you could see the people in the back row.
It was also an opportunity to show the back row my fabulous butt.

I thought that laying down would make me look sexier in front of The Roys.
It would have worked if I had changed into a two piece bikini swimsuit.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texting While Driving Law: Its Stupid

The Tucson City Council passed an ordinance which went into effect on April 1 that bans texting while driving.

Its a dumb law.

I understand the concept.  People typing on their cell phones while driving causes a distraction.  They aren't paying attention and crash bang boom.

I have a problem with the law because it singles out one way a driver can be distracted but ignores all the rest.  There is a car full of things that can be equally as distracting.  If the city council was really serious about doing something to eliminate distractions then they have to outlaw car stereos, heater and air conditioning controls, GPS units, electric mirrors, complicated windshield wiper controls, electric seats, mirrors to check your makeup, cup holders, children, fingers to pick noses with, food, and facial tissues.

It seems to me that it will have no effect on decreasing accidents and will only serve to add a few thousand bucks to the city's bank account and give police officers another silly thing to worry about.  Police have enough to deal with... like murderers, rapists, and kicking Occupy Tucson protesters out of parks.

I'm not worried about the law because I rarely text while I drive.  I prefer to post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I found the beef

Wendy's iconic "Where's The Beef" commercials from the 1980's are still so powerful that they're using the answer in their advertising.  If you have never seen the original commercial from 1984... thanks to YouTube it lives on forever.  Click here to watch it.

Where's the Beef?  "Here's The Beef".  I found it!

I need some underwear with this on the front.

A lifetime of searching for the beef.
It was here all along.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poo Gelato

This past weekend's exploits included a trip to Park Place Mall to see the movie "American Reunion".  The movie was hilarious.  A lot of funny moments and a perfect way to wrap up the American Pie movie series.

After the movie, we went to a gelato stand and Anthony ordered a cup.  I'm not much of a gelato fan (any ice cream-like place, and I include gelato in that description, should offer hot fudge sundaes... if they don't, then I boycott) but I did look through the glass at all the kinds they offered.

I found one that looked like a heaping mound of poo.  I took a picture.  The end.

Poo gelato.
At least they made it look fancy with the swirly design.

Olive Garden doesn't have an actual garden

In my last post I shared the tale of Anthony's broken Blackberry.  If you missed it, click here.

While we were waiting for the Sprint store to see if it could be fixed or if they had to give us another phone, we had lunch at Olive Garden at Broadway and Craycroft in Tucson.

The server was a very nice woman.  Apparently you can get up to three wine samples when you dine at that restaurant.  I'm not a wine drinker (wine gives me a hideous hangover) but Anthony is.  He not only tried the samples, but had two glasses on top of that to go with his salad for lunch.

He may have been unhappy he got a replacement Blackberry but he wasn't feeling any pain after lunch!

On a side note, I looked... and it turns out Olive Garden doesn't have an actual garden of olives.  Its false advertising.

Anthony learned that the pain of a broken Blackberry can be fixed with a tall glass (or two) of wine.

Anthony's broken Blackberry

Poor Anthony.

His Blackberry broke on Friday.  He had it at work, someone moved it from where he put it, and the keyboard and optical mouse decided to cease functioning.

He brought it home from work and was awfully depressed.  It was almost like he lost a child or a puppy or overcooked some pasta.

Fortunately, I include paying insurance on our phones each month.  A trip to the Sprint store and he was handed a new one.  Back in business!

He's been upset for several days because he can't help but wonder what will become of his old phone.  I'm considering contacting a funeral home to set up a service for it.

Its funny how attached we can be to objects sometimes.

The Sprint store's most depressed customer

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making Mammaries

We had a plastic surgeon on the TV show today and he brought some breast implants with him.

I couldn't help but have a juvenile moment.  And to pose for photos.

Motorboat anyone?

Perky aren't they?

A breast implant can be a lovely hat.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cosmic Bingo Winner!

Saturday night I made a trip to Casino Del Sol to play some Cosmic Bingo.  I've been there many times.  After the start of this year, they changed the format a bit.  Lucinda Holliday no longer hosts (I filled in for her numerous times as host when she'd go on vacation) and they have new bonus games between the bingo games.

I won a bingo game on Saturday and for an extra $50 I had to sing a song in front of everyone.  Considering my lack of fear in front of crowds it was easy and fun.  I had to sing "Vogue" by Madonna.  Fortunately, they gave me a sheet that had the lyrics printed on it so the crowd just had to put up with my awful singing and I walked away with $150 in total winnings for the game.

I handed Anthony my camera to grab a photo.  While I was up there, two random women (as in, I have no idea who they are) jumped up and danced with me which was lots of fun.

I really like winning... even if I have to sing!

Vogueing is hard work