Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show 2013

I had the privilege of walking the runway as a 'celebrity' walker at the Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show at Casino Del Sol last night (with some other celebrities more celebrity than I am).  I got to walk with one of the Tu Nudito kids, who was dressed in costume.

I've done this before, and it's a neat experience.  The kids are really great.  And, it's an event that raises a ton of cash for Tu Nudito and the services they provide kids in Tucson.  It also kicks off the show that features real models in a real runway show.

I shot a combination of video and stills (with the help of Anthony).  I was reminded again why I generally stick to still photos when I do photography, the video was disappointing to me.  Mostly because I have a high expectation of myself for what I shoot and at this point I feel that I do better with still photos.  However, I am determined and the video will get better with practice (I hope).  In case you were wondering, I brought a point-and-shoot camera and my camcorder (mostly because I could stick both in my suit jacket pockets and didn't have to lug around a bag).  The video will appear as b-roll on the TV show tomorrow.

Since I thought the photos turned out to be a bit more fun, here are a few of those:

Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show 2013
at the Casino Del Sol Events Center

He's serving up beef, taters, and vegetables.
My mom would have approved.

Anthony ordering a blueberry cosmo while bathed in blue light.
Coincidence? Of course it is.

Meat, vegetables, and potatoes.
A meal fit for a teeny tiny person.

Auction items

Auction items

This is an ice sculpture made to resemble a roulette table
and featured seafood.

Cookies on a stick

The fashion show was here

Selfie of Anthony and I

Dr. Kevin Pounds and Shelley Goodstein
Intentional photo bombs are fun.

Glenn Murphy, Ken Carr, Sally Shamrell

Corinne Hautala, Sally Shamrell, a butthead, Leslie Lois, and April Madison
I felt like the Bosley in the middle of Charlie's Angels

I forgot to put on my tiara for this photo with
Miss Arizona Teen USA and Miss Arizona USA

I see you!
(Thanks to Dr. Kevin Pounds for the awesome photo bomb)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Here's a photo you'll flip over

One of our recent TV shows featured a segment with Lyle Brown, the CEO of Beast Fit Nation and a former cornerback for the University of Arizona football team.

He was a super nice guy, and he also had a skill rarely seen on the show:  He could do a mid-air flip.  It takes supreme confidence in your flipping ability to do it in the small space of our TV studio, not needing a running start, and over a concrete floor.

He did it live on the air during the show, and I captured a photo.  I was a little disappointed at first because I didn't think I had set the shutter speed high enough to stop the motion, but I'm okay with it after a bit of thought because it does show the speed in which he performed the flip.

Check it out, decide for yourself.

Lyle is one guest that flipped over being on TV.
Actually, he flipped WHILE being on TV.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meeting Shark Tank entrepreneurs Dr. Albert Amini and Dr. Richard Amini

We shot a segment for the TV show today that featured Dr. Albert Amini and Dr. Richard Amini.  They have a company called RoloDoc, which is a social media company for the medical profession.

They are on the season premiere of Shark Tank tomorrow (9/20/13) on ABC.

They were delightful to work with and from the Tucson area (although Albert is now working in Milwaukee).

I enjoy watching Shark Tank.  I think the most interesting part of the show is seeing what kind of products and businesses that people dream up.  It really is fascinating to see entrepreneurs at work in America.


UPDATE 9/21/13:  Last night I watched the episode of Shark Tank that Dr. Amini and Dr. Amini appeared in.  They had their pitch ready for RoloDoc, made their case, and the Sharks responded by giving them a hard time.  The Amini's asked for $50,000 for 20% of their company and none of the Sharks made them an offer.  In fact, Mark Cuban got out of his chair, walked up to the doctors during the segment, and told them it was the worst presentation he had seen on the show... ever.

Dr. Albert Amini, Ken Carr, Dr. Richard Amini
Two of these guys appear on ABC's Shark Tank
The other one has a head as large as a tank.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It was obvious the produce was excited to see me

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday night outing together.

We went to dinner at Chili's on Broadway at the Williams Center.  At the end of the dinner, a woman came up to me and said she was my Facebook friend (I approve everyone for friend requests, because I like people) and was excited to meet Anthony and I.  Her son and fiance' were also along, and it was nice meeting them as well.  It was nice to see you in person Jeri!

After dinner, we went to Walmart Neighborhood Market for our usual Sunday shopping.  It would have been a longer trip to the store but dinner decided to start pushing it's way out... if you know what I mean.  It's a good thing we were less than ten minutes away from home.  And that is your TMI moment for today.

Anthony's club sandwich at Chili's.
Those are his arms in the photo neatly stacked on top of each other.

I had a chicken bacon ranch quesadilla at Chili's.

Sneaky photo attempt:
Anthony had to blow his nose before we started eating.
The force was so violent that it caused the camera to shake.
(Ok, that's a lie... but it's funny to say it)

J. Skinner Heavenly Cheese Danish at Walmart Neighborhood Market
Heavenly is apparently smooth, dreamy and delicious.
Sounds like a heavenly date I've had.

Cinnabon decorating icing.
Putting this on a cake or cupcake = yes please.

Duncan Hines Decadent Cupcake Mix
I'll admit it, they do look decadent.

Froot Loops Treasures
Fruit Loops with pieces that have fruit filling inside.
Where were these when I was a kid?  Awesome idea!

Abandoned floor cleaner machine at Walmart Neighborhood Market
Maybe they had to call AAA for roadside / tortilla-side assistance

It was quite obvious the butternut squash in the produce department
was really excited to see me.
Which also reminds me of a date I've had.

Culver's for chicken and concrete

Anthony and I grabbed some dinner last night at Culver's in Tucson on Broadway at Prudence.

Culver's is an odd restaurant for Tucson.  It's the only place I know of where you can get pork tenderloin and pot roast at a drive thru besides burgers and ice cream related food.  A vast majority of food offerings in Tucson are more west coast and Mexican related than Midwest.

We ended up at Culver's because Anthony didn't want what I refer to as "solid food", he wanted ice cream for dinner.  I can't have just ice cream, I'd be shitting like a goose.  Going to Culver's was a compromise.

He had a peanut butter chocolate Concrete, which is basically ice cream (although they refer to it as custard, apparently some slight variation of ice cream) and I had a chicken sandwich and onion rings.  I debated whether to try the pot roast sandwich (looking at the menu board it appears it is served on a bun) but it just seems like I'd be setting myself up for disappointment.  The chicken sandwich was okay, but tasted like it had been in fryer oil that had something else fried in it and the chicken taste didn't come though at all.

Anthony really liked his Concrete.  It was a good dinner overall..

Anthony's Concrete custard / ice cream thing at Culver's
I'll bet it looks the same when it comes out the other end.

Anthony and I were talking and I forgot to take a picture of my dinner at the beginning.
So, here's my half eaten chicken sandwich and onion rings.

This was above our table at Culver's.
This is what my hair looks like in the morning before I take a shower.

Abandoned furniture

Sometimes it's sad when furniture reaches the end of it's life.

It's done it's job by giving you a place to sleep or keeping your butt off the floor.  It enjoyed good times (and bad) with your family.  And, when it's reach the end of it's life, it's discarded like garbage.  Literally.

I threw out our regular garbage yesterday and a discarded box spring, mattress, and one kitchen chair was waiting next to the dumpster.  A quiet ending for some neighbor's furniture.

I quietly hummed "Taps" while taking a photo.

Box spring, mattress and chair next to a dumpster at Ridgepointe
I wonder how much sex was performed on that bed... and chair.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meeting Allyce Beasley

I met Allyce Beasley today.  She played Agnes DiPesto on the 1980's TV show "Moonlighting" alongside Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd.

She's in Tucson for a three week run as part of the ensemble cast of "The Importance of Being Earnest" at the Temple of Music and Art.

She was a wonderful person.  I even got a hug when she left.

Ken Carr and Allyce Beasley
We both have pretty hair.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A screaming McDonald's manager and Taco Bell Spicy Ranch

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday night outing:  Dinner and the grocery store.

We ate at McDonald's at Broadway and Camino Seco on Tucson's far east side.  We had Premium McWraps (which are really good by the way, if you've never tried one) and had to listen to the manager on duty scream at other employees in the restaurant.  It was rather uncomfortable.  But, I imagine it's not easy finding good help (who doesn't yell) on a Sunday night at McDonald's.

After the McWraps and McYelling, we went across the street and had hot fudge sundaes at Baskin Robbins (they were delicious and the ladies working the counter were very nice, and didn't yell) and then did some grocery shopping at the Walmart Neighborhood Market next door.

Weekends go by so quickly.  Back to work tomorrow!

McDonald's Premium McWraps...
with a side of manager yelling at employees.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Crème at Walmart Neighborhood Market
It may be mostly sugar, but that's what makes this wonderful.

Ranch dressing cranked up a notch:
Bull's Eye BBQ Ranch, Velveeta Cheese Ranch, and
Taco Bell Spicy Ranch.
If it says Taco Bell on it, it's automatically awesome.

Can I impress you with my 50 inches?

After ten years and a whole lot of advancements in television technology, I decided it was time to buy a new TV for the living room.  The TV that was in there was an open box Sony 36 inch that I purchased in 2003.  It still works, but it's standard definition and I didn't know that new TV's actually connect to the internet for all kinds of streaming stuff.

We decided on a $550 Philips 50 inch model that they call a Smart TV.  I also purchased a Blu-ray player.

I purchased the movie "Dumb and Dumber" on Blu-Ray.  The frozen snot and diarrhea scenes were spectacular.

Poor Lucky, the new TV has freaked him out.  He didn't come into the living room for almost a full day.  Even though he's been out there a few times now, he still stares at it like an alien has landed in the apartment.  He doesn't adapt to change well even though it has a spectacular and large picture.

Bringing home 50 inches of TV goodness.
It barely fit into Anthony's SUV.

The new TV in the living room.

There are vitamins in the Keurig

Earlier today I noticed several pills in the spill over area on the Keurig coffee maker in our kitchen.  Since the Keurig usually makes coffee when Anthony wants to have some, I wondered what they were for.

"Hey Anthony, what are these pills in the front of the Keurig?"

His answer:  vitamins.  Of course, why wouldn't vitamins be kept there?

Now you have a little bit of insight into how our relationship works.  I find an odd thing like that, I ask what it is or why it's there, and Anthony responds with what he considers a totally logical reason.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.

Vitamins in the Keurig.
Just go with it, that's what I do.

Goodbye Kevin and Aaron

A couple of co-workers ended their time at the TV station, and there was cake to celebrate.

I've gotten an awful lot of cake lately.  I'm not complaining.

Best wishes to Kevin and to Aaron, and thanks for leaving so we could eat red velvet cake.

Kevin and Aaron are leaving.
Kevin to Switzerland, Aaron to Oklahoma City
Notice in between them:  Cake!

Ina cuts the goodbye cake.
Red velvet!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I should be on Dancing With The Stars

I left my camera sitting on a table during yesterday's TV show, and one of the camera operators picked it up and started taking photos.  She has said she wants to buy one like it, so I let her have some fun with it once in a while.

One of the photos she took during the time she had it was of me on the show set doing some silly dancing during a commercial break.

Dancing With The Stars will be calling any day so I can join their cast.  I just know it.

Sitting on the show set reading Tweets on Twitter

It's time to dance!
And, I show extra talent: Dancing while holding an iPhone

No one is impressed.

There were cookies at the funeral

I shared the story of having to go to a funeral in my last blog entry.  Here's what happened:

After the TV show yesterday, I followed two co-workers to the church who were also attending.  We arrived near the end of the actual funeral service and the reception was in another area of the church so we waited in there.

I was kind of glad that we got there late for the service.  That's the part I had the most apprehension about.

I actually knew a couple of people besides my co-workers so that was helpful.  And, they had food!  Sandwiches, salads, punch, and desserts including a bundt cake and lots of cookies.  There's nothing like eating to make a potentially uncomfortable situation a whole lot better.

My apprehension for the event was higher than it needed to be, and it turned out alright.  I think my biggest disappointment was not being able to take pictures (I live for that) but it was the appropriate thing to do.  Although, I did take one crappy photo with my iPhone (that was more for the sake of saying I took one than it actually being a decent photo).

I didn't get any cake (the bundt cake looked dry and sad) but I did have a cookie.

A sneaky photo in the reception hall of the church at the funeral.
No, that isn't my purse.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

There is no fun in funeral

I'm facing a rather unnerving task tomorrow:  Attending a funeral.

A co-worker's mother died.  My boss has explained that the proper thing for me to do is attend (I won't make the service because the TV show is in progress when it occurs, but there is a reception afterward that I can attend) to show support.  I'd like to say I usually try to do the right thing (although that would be a lie) but when it comes to work, I almost always make the effort.

I've attended very few funerals (or funeral receptions) in my lifetime.  I don't know what to do at this one.  I'm anticipating that I will know basically no one there.  I had never met the woman who died.  It was suggested to me today not to bring my camera to take pictures (that is probably the biggest disappointment to me, but I'll deal with it).  I am not good at saying the right thing or being politically correct in situations like this.  I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable.  I don't think saying things like "did you get a good deal on the casket?" will go over well.

I also realized yesterday that I don't have any funeral appropriate attire.  I don't own a black dress shirt.  I debated on whether I should wear a new bright pink one I bought a few weeks ago, but my limited experience at funerals indicates that bright, cheery colors are not appropriate.  I hope that everyone who comes to my funeral when I kick the bucket wears Hawaiian shirts and board shorts and someone buys a festive cake.  If anyone wears black, it better be a t-shirt with Justin Bieber's face on the front.  Because I would have wanted it that way.

I went to Ross Dress For Less last night at Grant and Craycroft (which I discovered is open until 10:30 p.m. weekdays, good to know in a clothing emergency) and they didn't have black dress shirts either.  I bought an olive green one.  I decided wearing it would say "I'm sorry for your loss" while also being less depressing than black.  Even at a funeral, I'm too full of cheer to wear all black.

I hope they serve cake.

The olive green shirt I'm wearing to the funeral reception

Happy Birthday Allison

My co-worker Allison's birthday was yesterday.

The tradition of cake at my work continued.  This cake was homemade (not by me, I am a terrible cook) and had a chocolate graham cracker crust, layers of pudding, and frosting on top.  It was wonderful.

I find it funny that people come literally out of the woodwork (who invented that saying anyway?) when cake is served.  It never matters what time of day, morning or afternoon.  If there is cake (or any kind of free food actually) at the TV station, most everyone lines up to eat it.  If you didn't work there and visited for a day, you'd think that the entire building of people was facing starvation and their one chance for food occurred when someone brought in a cake.

I did enjoy a piece of cake too, so I'm not immune.

Allison's no-bake pudding cake concoction

Here comes the cake (and the line of people to eat it)

Here's Allison about to blow out her candles.
(There were only six candles, and I know she's older than that!)

I love to take pictures of people eating.
I find it the funniest thing.
(I also find taking pictures of people sleeping amusing, but that
opportunity never seems to present itself at work)

Here's Patricia eating cake.
(Another food eating photo!)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I sit hard for the money

I had a fun two night run at Casino Del Sol here in Tucson over the Labor Day weekend.

I went on Sunday night by myself to play bingo and won just over $1,500 on a Fireball bingo jackpot and playing slot machines.  Anthony and I went back tonight for more bingo playing.  He won $200 and I won $400.  Not a bad weekend take (especially when casinos are designed to make you spend more than you take home).  And all I had to do was sit on my butt for a few hours.

I won't lie, it's fun to win.

A giant wad of $100's and $20's won at Casino Del Sol