Sunday, April 30, 2017

Meeting Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox, who is an R&B singing star as well as with the traveling company that performed in "The Bodyguard" musical production, was a guest I booked on the TV show.

She was kind enough to let me stand near her to pose for a photo.

Ken Carr and Deborah Cox
One of us is a successful singer
and the other was moments away from being led away by security.

Announcing at Family Fiesta

My radio career is now years behind me, but once in a while I get sucked back in (sort of).

I was asked to do some announcements on stage at Family Fiesta recently, an event put on by local non-profit organization Casa De Los Ninos at Tucson's Reid Park.

I didn't feel very well that day. I think I was having some kind of allergy attack. But, I showed up anyway and filled in for a co-worker whose father had passed away and she had to go to the funeral in Wisconsin.

I was there for a few hours and made it through. Seems like I've done this kind of thing before.

Tucson Police showed up to show off some of their tactical vehicles

That's the bomb.... squad

Handing out awards

My view from the stage

Groove tent and a fire truck

Still handing out awards

The DJ and DJ helper guy

Line dancing on the lawn

Students getting a look in the fire truck

Awards were over, a few people hang around

People spinning the Groove prize wheel

This little guy must like wrestling, he had a WWF shirt on

Performers from the Arizona Rose Youth Theatre

Hostage Crisis Negotiations in da house

Handing out car seats

Car in the parking lot had this sticker on it.