Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ladies Council Tu Nudito Fashion Show 2015

The Tucson Ladies Council Fashion Show to benefit Tu Nudito returned this year (after taking a hiatus last year) and so did I. It was a privilege to be asked to walk one of the Tu Nudito kids down the runway as a "celebrity" runway walker. I've participated at this fundraiser a number of times in this capacity and although I don't do many local celebrity events anymore I do enjoy going and helping out if I'm asked.

I've had a sinus infection for days and didn't feel great but I sucked it up, threw on a suit, and did the best I could to keep my energy up.

Anthony joined me and was kind enough to shoot a number of the photos.

On a side note, since the event was at Casino Del Sol Resort I had the chance to do a little slot machine play. I won enough through the night to pay for whatever I spent playing slots, Anthony's drinks, my soda, and a stop at a McDonald's drive thru to feed Anthony at the end of the night. I had the same amount of money in my wallet as I did when we left. Three cheers for being a non-loser.

Calm before the storm/runway
is filled with fashion

Casino Del Sol Resort ballroom

Anthony gets his first
drink of the night

Jesse and Tina are a little blue.
(Standing by a blue light will do that)

Kind of an odd menu this year:
Meat (I had beef), no starch really to go with it,
a meet and cheese station,
and Panini sandwiches.

Greg, one of the emcees of this year's event

Alex, Tina, and a surprise
photo bombing guest

Rascal yells at his beer.
I have a feeling he does this a lot.

Alex, Leslie, Greg
all decided that orange
was the color of the night

Jennifer, Melanie

Leslie, Alex, Erica, Stella, Lindsey

Stella and Greg workin' the mics

Here's Liz McCusker.
It's a running joke between her and I
that every time I see her I formally
introduce myself.
I suppose you had to be there
to get the impact of the humor.

Celebrity runway walk
with kids from Tu Nudito

Two princesses struttin' their stuff

Yup, there's the jackass who
writes this blog and Carolina.
My hair looks fabulous.

My co-worker Tina Jennings
and a little cutie take their turn
on the runway

Roxanna Green and a young lady
dressed as an angel

My co-worker Alex
with a ladybug and a bumblebee

Tucson restaurant icon
Mr. An takes a young lady
down the runway

Leslie Lois and a princess

KGUN 9 news anchor Stella Inger
with a princess and a prince

Second trip down just for fun

Public relations guru Matt Russell
conducts the live auction

Rhonda, Rhonda's daughter and
Terri sat behind me and didn't
see me shoot this photo.
I can be sneaky when I want to.

This guy was the "Faux" Tony Bennett
and what made it pretty funny is that
he had to read the lyrics of the songs
he was singing from a little card
in his hand.

The real runway models take center stage

Beautiful dress

The fabulous Shelley GoodStein

Another beautiful dress

Usually this look stays in the bedroom
but it must be making it's way
onto the streets

This guy must have the craziest
bed head after a night of sleeping
if his hair is this interesting when it's styled

Cute outfit, I liked the shoes

Outside, I find Anthony and Alex
checking to see if the doors of this
Volvo were unlocked.
They weren't very sneaky and
I'm guessing they would not
make very good car thieves.

The Volvo's registration expired in 2014.

Leslie and Lindsey take a shot
at their runway walk.
Could be confused with their
zombie walk.

Lindsey and Erica tried to runway walk.
As you can tell by the laughter they
won't be heading to
New York Fashion Week.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

So long Scott

There was a little cake reception for my co-worker Scott yesterday to celebrate his retirement after working at the station for 38 years. Working at one place for that long is a remarkable achievement.

Scott's a great guy and I hope he enjoys having more free time in his life.

In other news, the cake was good, it had fruit in the middle.

The cake.
It had fruit in the middle.

Co-workers gather
in the conference room

More co-workers

It's amazing how cake
can bring people together

Eric, Patty, Scott, Martha

A little momento for working
at the station 38 years.
Scott, Andy, Rusty

Andy, Scott

Time for cake in the pie hole.
Om nom nom.
Tom, Andy, Scott, Jim

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Minions Minions everywhere

The Sunday weekly dinner and shopping excursion took Anthony and I to Lowe's (I went alone for that, I needed to buy a refill for the weed whacker), Jersey Mike's for dinner, and Walmart Neighborhood Market.

This was the second trip we've ever made to eat at Jersey Mike's. It was a better experience than the first time, I actually got the sandwich I originally ordered. I chose a number seven "mini", which is roast beef and a cute little sandwich. I get an upset stomach when I eat too much, so it was the perfect size.

My fascination with Minions merchandise continues. They (whoever they are) sell Minions in just about every way imaginable. Check out what I found this weekend:

9 foot inflatable Minion at Lowe's
It lights up!
I really wanted to buy it
but I thought it would give
Anthony an excuse to move out.

Mini roast beef sandwich
at Jersey Mike's

Minions cereal!
Banana berry flavor
or as the Minions would
say it: "ba-na-na"

Doritos Loaded in the freezer section
Finally, an excuse to put Doritos
in the oven.
Bonus: My creepy face
reflecting in the glass

Red Star Yeast
If you put yeast on a yeast infection
can it cause an explosion?

Snickers bar with "Cranky"
on the wrapper.
This describes Anthony's mood
when we go to the grocery store.

This describes me.
Old age and stupidity
are a tragic combination

I know approximately
100 guys who this would
describe perfectly.