Sunday, September 6, 2015

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie its with Joann

Anthony's aunt is visiting us this Labor Day weekend and we took her out to dinner at Pizza Studio on Saturday night.

She was the daring one with her pizza choice: Sausage and peppers. I'd be burping that up for hours if I ate that.

Today I spent the afternoon doing yard work while she and Anthony went to Starbucks. She visited a friend this evening while we rolled through the grocery store.

I do get Labor Day off from work. It's holiday number four of the six I'll get this year. I'm looking forward to sleeping in!

Ordering the pies at Pizza Studio

My ham, bacon and mushroom pizza

Anthony always gets his
with all vegetables and that
green snot-like sauce

Shaking on the cheese
like a Polaroid picture

Joann's sausage and peppers pizza

She's giving the pizza a
"I'm going to eat you" eye

Walmart Neighborhood Market:
Banana split Twinkies
It's nice to see Twinkies
alive and well at the grocery store

Strawberry Twinkies
"Take a Twinkie Minion Selfie
for a chance to win a trip
to Paris"

It's only September 6th and
Halloween candy is already
in the store.
Christmas decorations
can't be far behind.

Nothing says "Happy Labor Day"
like red, white and blue
cookies and Rice Krispies treats