Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

Anthony and I hosted a little holiday get together at our house. It's starting to become a tradition.

The guests included the two of us, Anthony's aunt JoAnn, his brother Michael and his girlfriend Serena. We ate Italian food, opened gifts, and play games including Cards Against Humanity (a gift that we gave Michael) and the Golden Girls edition of "Clue". We had a ton of fun.

Anthony cooked dinner and served it, too

Om nom nom
Michael and Serena

JoAnn, Michael, Serena

Michael a.k.a. Father Christmas drinks a little wine
while Serena digs into her stocking

Checking out goodies from their stockings

JoAnn with a kit containing everything a woman needs
when she leaves the house

I had mugs made this year with pictures
of Anthony and I on them

Muggin' with the mugs

Cards Against Humanity for Michael, electric teakettle for Serena

Photo frame for JoAnn

Anthony gets a new alarm clock

And to make sure he gets up, he gets a second alarm clock

Sugar skull, salt lamp

I received emoji underwear

Hey! That doll looks just like me

Mmmmmm. Chocolate covered apple.
Chevy Chase photobombs in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"

I open what may be the greatest gift ever....

A giant pen!

Feel free to be amazed because... my pen is huge.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday shopping 2017

Anthony and I headed out today to do a little holiday and grocery shopping.

Justin Trudeau, My Canadian Boyfriend
This may be one of the funniest calendar ideas I have ever seen

Anthony spots this hand mixer at Target and said:
"Hey, this looks like a dildo"

This donut is made of wood.
That's a total waste of a donut.

Where's Santa?
Apparently not at Target

This package contains: POOP (The Game)
What a bunch of crap.

Flipping a bottle has turned commercial

Cereal Milk
The epitome of laziness.
It's soooo much work to eat the whole bowl of cereal to
get to the cereal milk that they saved you the time.

Tina's Smothered Burrito
Anthony said it sounded naughty.
But, how could a red hot beef burrito covered with
salsa con queso be dirty with all of that hot cheese
heaped onto a red hot beef burrito?
Now I need a cold shower.

There's a section of the freezer at Walmart Market dedicated to Paleo.
When you want tasteless food easily prepared in a
cancer causing radiation producing microwave, here's your solution.

Hey Anthony, come back! I have that chorizo you've been wanting.