Monday, May 30, 2016

Creamy Bacon Potato Salad Chips and Anthony's foot photo bomb

End of a three day holiday weekend. My biggest accomplishment besides getting the poomobile's oil changed was getting some extra sleep. I take it when I can get it.

Anthony and I wrapped up the weekend by dining at Burger King and visiting the grocery store.

It's rare when a drink cup with a pickle as a tongue
looks more excited to be dining with me
than Anthony, but it happens.

Extra long cheeseburger and fries at Burger King

Million Dollar Cobblestone Bread at Walmart Market.
I felt like it was ripping off the store getting
million dollar bread for less than three dollars.
The shareholders won't be happy they aren't
selling it for a million dollars.

Lay's Creamy Bacon Potato Salad chips
is the greatest flavor they've ever invented.

Aunt Jemima is getting lazy in her old age.
Pile some stuff on toast like eggs and cheese
or apples and cinnamon, and sell it for $2.50.
You're better than this Aunt Jemima....
you need to concentrate on your syrup.

Shelf strip coming off in the soda aisle.

Tissue on the floor in the soda aisle.

Crackers on the floor in the cracker aisle.

Laundry detergent coupon on the floor
in the cleaning products aisle.

Anthony stepping on the laundry detergent coupon
while I was trying to shoot a photo of it on the floor.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Poomobile oil change at Chapman

I've been making preparations for a road trip to Las Vegas. Anthony and I are driving up there next week for a three day vacation.

I'm sure I'm over preparing for this but it's a big deal since traveling is such a rare occurrence in my life. The decision was made and the room was reserved in December so I have had some time to get my act together.

Besides saving a little money to spend I've had to arrange for a place for Lucky to stay, purchased some luggage, and make preparations at work to be off for three days (that's been the most difficult part). I also needed to make sure the poomobile was good to go for the trip so I took it to get an oil change and have a mechanic check the rest of the fluids and anything else under the hood that needed to be so it is long trip road ready.

Somewhere in my messy home office I have the paperwork that goes with the car's warranty and extended warranty, and I couldn't find it easily but I believe it required taking it to the same dealership I bought it from. I bought it used from Chapman and the warranty paperwork went through their Honda dealership even though it's a Nissan. Since I wasn't sure I could just take it anywhere and still have the warranty remain valid, I made the appointment and took it to Chapman Honda. Knowing my luck I dreamed up the whole thing and I'll feel stupid when I find the paperwork, but in the meantime it's better safe than sorry.

I was there yesterday at 1:00 p.m. for the appointment. First thing that they told me was that they didn't have an Altima oil filter in stock and would have to send someone over to AutoZone to get one. It was going to delay the completion of the work by half an hour. It was okay, I hung out in the waiting area then went into the showroom and took pictures of a few of the cars on display.

I have always loved cars and enjoyed looking at the shiny new ones. One day I will buy a brand new car instead of the used ones I've always owned. In the meantime, while getting an oil change, I can look, dream, and shoot photos.

Waiting area at Chapman Honda
College softball was on the TV and they had a Kids' Zone.
No kids were in it though... or adults, either.

Empty chairs in the waiting area
that looked like the Captain's chair on Star Trek

This Honda in blue is waiting for you

Once you go black you never go back

This Honda in grey can go home today.
I could keep rhyming but I don't have the timing.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Red Nose Day shoot

There's a fundraiser at work to help out with Walgreen's Red Nose Day. There have been Red Noses on sale and a group of us participated in a Red Nose Day photo shoot in the main studio.

We looked like a bunch of clowns... on purpose.

Behind the scenes of the Red Nose Day photo shoot.
Everyone is getting Red Nose ready.

More behind the scenes

Sneaky photo of the general manager behind me
all red nose ready.

Alex demonstrates what it would look like
if it was red zit day.

I can hear better now.
Red Nose group photo.
The red nose helps me smell people better.
Credit for this photo: Paul Jilbert

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reducing hot flashes without fishy aftertaste

I was going to grill a couple of steaks for dinner tonight but the day got away from me. I spent a couple hours this afternoon doing yard work, then gave Lucky a bath, and got cleaned up myself and it was 5 p.m. all of a sudden. Anthony and I ended up just going to Culver's for dinner and then on to the grocery store.

Basically, it was a weekend of catching up on rest and stuff around the house.

I did get a letter from ADOT saying I have to go to an MVD office and get a new picture taken for my driver's license. They apparently require this every twelve years. And, they require me to pay for a new I.D. (that doesn't come as a shock). It's such a waste of time and energy since I look the same as my current photo. Maybe the employees miss me and this is their way of forcing me to go over there. They're a nice bunch of people.

As for today's excursion, here come the photos...

Anthony shows off his peanut butter sundae at Culver's.
Notice the 96 next to him and the 44 near me.
I'd like to say those were our ages but that is
subject to interpretation.

My burger and fries

This was on the floor near our table.
I kept an eye out for a crazy dancing stick figure to go by
but it didn't happen while we were there.

Anthony holds this bottle at the grocery store
in a rather provocative manner.

Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer Pop Tarts
The greatest flavors they've ever invented.

A shelf sign was on the floor.

Kellogg's Smorz cereal.
You asked for it, it's back!!
And it's spelled funny, too.

New! A peanut wearing a robe and a crown.

Maple Nut Goodies
sounds like a date I've had.

These are Franks.
Not Jim's, or Bob's, or John's.
They're Franks.

Thick N Juicy.
That would be my stripper name if someone
was stupid enough to want me to take my clothes off.

Red Vines left with the potato chips.

Scissors and syrup left with the charcoal.

Hello Kitty Dental Travel Kit
For those trips away from home where you
need clean teeth and the opportunity to
prove you are a man's man.

Speaking of a man's man...
Yoooooo, Anthony!
I found you something that will make you
want to eat rusty nails for breakfast.

Yoooooooo Anthony!
I found you something to reduce your hot flashes
with no fishy aftertaste.

Yooooooo Anthony!
Are you rejecting Jesus' love?
This magazine will help you through your
tsunami of grief and turn pain into peace.
Turned out he didn't want it.
Stop rejecting Jesus' love, dammit.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Probiotic Party

Anthony wasn't feeling well tonight. So, he sent a list of items he wanted with me when I headed to the grocery store.

There were four items on his list. The one that was cause for concern was a request for probiotics.

First of all, I'm totally jealous. I wish I had the kind of digestive system that he does. He has to take stuff to get things moving. On the other hand, I've lived with a perpetually upset stomach my whole life. I get excited when things aren't moving.

The type of probiotic that he asked for had three choices on the shelf. I didn't look very closely at the bottle at home when I left so I was panic stricken when I went to get him a new bottle. I had no idea which color box I was supposed to get. If I got the wrong one, it could be disaster.

Fortunately, after staring at the three choices for a couple of minutes it dawned on me:  There were three distinct types listed right under the "Renew Life" sun logo for three different situations. I was able to eliminate women's care and adults 50+ and now I had the correct one to purchase.

Whew. Anthony can give me crap when I get home.... literally.

Probiotic choices at the grocery store.
It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Meet my shiny new grill

I purchased a new propane gas grill.

I have a freezer full of meat and am not good at cooking it on the stove. After a lot of debate (in my own head), I decided it made sense to get a grill to cook it on. I haven't owned a grill in many years but I do know that grilling is much easier than cooking on the stove in the kitchen.

A trip to Lowe's, a bit of an adventure getting the grill in the car (it ended up being taken out of the box and the various pieces put in the trunk of the poomobile), an hour assembling it, a trip to U-Haul to get the propane tank filled, some advice from my friend Brandon, and grilling commenced.

First up was bacon wrapped filet mignon. It was tasty. Mission accomplished.

Now, I just have to hope that Lucky doesn't pee on it when he's outside doing his business.

I thought about buying this beast at Lowe's
but the $2,499 price tag and the fact that I'm
not cooking for 50 people every day made it easy
to rule this one out.
It's impressive with all those knobs, though.
The perfect size to cook a small adult.

This little $200 guy is the perfect size for Anthony and I.
I assembled it myself... you're impressed, aren't you?
It's now taken up residence at the Ken Carr World Headquarters.
First attempt at grilling:
Bacon wrapped filet mignon
It was wonderful.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jerk Chicken and Dump Dinners

This week's Sunday excursion included dinner at Raising Cane's and a trip to the grocery store. We also went to Home Goods so I could buy a few items for the centerpiece on the set of the TV show's coffee table. It was such a struggle to find appropriate items to consider that I forgot to take photos while at Home Goods.

But, I shot photos at the other two places.

Chicken fingers for Anthony and I
at Raising Cane's.
Don't eat there if you don't like brown
because all of their food is the same color.

Coconut Wave soda at Walmart Market.
I've never seen Coconut soda until today.
I'll bet it tastes like a wet macaroon.

Jerk Chicken.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Tomato left on the cottage cheese shelf.

Green onions left by someone with the cheese.

A lime left with the cheap wine.

Orville Redenbacher popcorn fell to the floor.

So sour you'll cry.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Balls ribbed for your pleasure.

I really really really really had to go number two at this point
in our shopping trip and Anthony was taking his
sweet time picking out vitamins.
It was difficult holding the camera steady
because my legs were shaking.

This didn't help me take my mind
off of needing to rush home, either.