Saturday, May 14, 2016

Meet my shiny new grill

I purchased a new propane gas grill.

I have a freezer full of meat and am not good at cooking it on the stove. After a lot of debate (in my own head), I decided it made sense to get a grill to cook it on. I haven't owned a grill in many years but I do know that grilling is much easier than cooking on the stove in the kitchen.

A trip to Lowe's, a bit of an adventure getting the grill in the car (it ended up being taken out of the box and the various pieces put in the trunk of the poomobile), an hour assembling it, a trip to U-Haul to get the propane tank filled, some advice from my friend Brandon, and grilling commenced.

First up was bacon wrapped filet mignon. It was tasty. Mission accomplished.

Now, I just have to hope that Lucky doesn't pee on it when he's outside doing his business.

I thought about buying this beast at Lowe's
but the $2,499 price tag and the fact that I'm
not cooking for 50 people every day made it easy
to rule this one out.
It's impressive with all those knobs, though.
The perfect size to cook a small adult.

This little $200 guy is the perfect size for Anthony and I.
I assembled it myself... you're impressed, aren't you?
It's now taken up residence at the Ken Carr World Headquarters.
First attempt at grilling:
Bacon wrapped filet mignon
It was wonderful.