Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Couch chronicles: The Anth

I haven't had the chance to post a Couch Chronicles photo in a long time.

Anthony fell asleep and the Kenparazzi was on the case!

Cosmic Bingo

Hangin' with a couple of lovely ladies while hosting Cosmic Bingo!

Photo art: Monsoon sunset

I call this "Monsoon sunset over satellite dishes".

I call this "Monsoon sunset over TV trucks".

Dazz Band

Dazz Band perform at Monsoon Nightclub at Desert Diamond Casino.

Stockton vacation photos part 2

Here are more Stockton vacation photos!

Little Brandon eats and sleeps at the same time.

Brandon, Lilly, Gabe and I out on the town in Stockton.

Lilly and I (why did I make that kissy face?)

Brandon loved this faucet in the men's room at Santiago's.  I took a picture.  The end.

I have a little girl growing on my foot!  (Isabel)

Dale's birthday cake!

Candle blowing.

On my way back from Stockton I had a layover at LAX in Los Angeles.  So did some birds in the Southwest Airlines terminal.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A boy a cup and a potato

Here's Brandon Jr. having a little trouble with his drink cup shot on vacation in Stockton, California.

Monday, July 5, 2010

California Vacation

I'm on vacation in Stockton, California.  Here are some photos.

Gabe and Brandon are my chauffers.

Cows along I-5 between Sacramento and Stockton.

Isabel gave me a pretty sign.

Happy Birthday to me

Some photos from my 44th birthday on July 2.

Lunch at La Salsa with Anthony.  I got "44" to put on my table!

Darla gives me a Cinnabon cupcake.

Carmen Cousins baked me this gorgeous cake (with real strawberries in it!)

Birthday drinks with Anthony!

Anthony got me presents.  Woohoo!

Frankie the Fish!  (it does the Filet-O-Fish song)

Pineapple Express on DVD.

Oopsie.  I should eat my gifts.

My favorite cologne!


Leslie at Cosmic Bingo

Leslie gets to play 'Put the ring on the dolphin' at Cosmic Bingo.