Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter chimichanga and a musical toothbrush

Anthony and I had our weekly Sunday afternoon adventure today.  It is Easter Sunday, so many places were closed but we were still able to get in dinner and grocery shopping.

The first stop we made was at Sauce on Broadway to meet with up with JoeJoe.  An SD memory card had been dropped on the ground at his wedding and I found it.  It had most of his wedding video on it so I felt like a hero being the one who found it and returned it intact.  The card is now in the rightful owner's hands.

The next stop was dinner at Macayo's Mexican restaurant at Broadway and Pantano.  There was a guy sitting a few tables over who looked like Jesus.  A white trash Jesus, but Jesus nonetheless.  You'll see that photo below.  As far as the food, the chimichanga was delicious.

The last stop of the evening was at Walmart Neighborhood Market on 22nd and Craycroft for grocery shopping.  That was uneventful except when we left and a bottle of coffee dropped on the ground out of the cart while walking through the parking lot.  One thing about living in my household:  Dropping something on the ground is an event because the ground is dirty and not everyone appreciates dirty.  But, we got through it and now I'm finishing my laundry and we took Lucky for a walk.

Check out the photos, and Happy Easter!

The Target store on Broadway Blvd across from Sauce that is closed today.
It was weird to see the parking lot empty... but it is Easter Sunday.

The chicKEN chimichanga that I ate at Macayo's.

The guy in the green tanktop in the middle of this photo kind of looked like Jesus.
It was the closest thing I could find to an Easter moment at Macayo's.
I would have gotten a more zoomed in photo so you could get a better look but I was trying to be sneaky.

There are about a dozen different kinds of Cheerios for sale at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
They even have Dulce de Leche... and chocolate Cheerios.
I remember when I was a kid. They just offered one kind: Cheerios.

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness hot cocoa mix
The madness is in the marshmallows that seem to fly from the air right into the mug.

Triscuit Brown Rice crackers
Four varieties including savory red bean.
Anthony and I agreed, these sound gross.

Camouflage flip flops on the clearance shelves at Walmart Market.
They were so camouflage that I almost didn't see them.
Heck of a deal: Only $2.88 for the pair

Mucus Relief Chest
I've heard of a hope chest and a treasure chest, but this is the first I've heard of a mucus relief chest.

Mane 'n Tail and Body shampoo
Anthony says his mom tried this and her hair started falling out.
Maybe the horses should have been a giveaway that it wasn't for humans.

Tooth Tunes toothbrushes
These have a variety of song choices including One Direction "One Thing", Big Time Rush "If I Ruled The World",
Queen "We Will Rock You", plus songs from Rihanna and Black Eyed Peas.
Now someone needs to invent musical toilet paper.

Ten Commandments plays out of sequence

I was messing around on my iPhone today being lazy in bed and Anthony came into the bedroom quite upset.

"They screwed up the Ten Commandments!"

He had recorded the airing of the Ten Commandments last night on KGUN and when he was watching it today it was apparent to him (I've never seen the whole movie, so I have to rely on his expertise) that the movie played out of sequence about 2 hours and 45 minutes in, skipped part of the movie, and repeated part of it.  The airing of the last hour was a patchwork out of sequence.

Sometimes these things happen.  It could have been due to a number of things... a problem with the feed from the network, a computer glitch that cause the movie or commercial breaks to interrupt the sequence, or some other strange thing.  It's never done on purpose.  There is usually a big scramble to fix it.  I've been at work when this sort of thing occurs and while it upsets viewers, it's the unavoidable rare technical glitch that cannot be anticipated (or it wouldn't happen!).

Anthony is kind of mad because he watches the movie every year on Easter weekend and knows exactly what is supposed to happen during the movie.  He even deleted the movie "Bad Teacher" off of the TiVo to make room for it.  I am impressed actually, I don't retain enough from watching a movie to remember what sequence it should be in even if I've seen it multiple times.

Charlton Heston was very tan in that movie and had perky manboobs.  That part was still intact.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

JoeJoe and Diana get married

I had the privilege of attending the wedding of JoeJoe and Diana last night at the Z Mansion in downtown Tucson.

I've known Joe for almost ten years.  He and I worked together at KRQ and I hired him for his first job working in radio.  He now lives and works in Las Vegas and also does a show in the evenings on KRQ here in Tucson with the magic of technology.

I saw a number of people who I had worked with during my time at KRQ (which was from 2001-2005) and even before that in California (my buddy Ryan).  It was fun to catch up and see two awesome people get married.

Congratulations Joe and Diana!

Diana and JoeJoe at the altar

You may kiss the bride!

Here's Mrs. and Mr.!

Tim and Ryan (who I both worked with at KRQ), and Ryan's wife Jennifer.
Two glasses of wine are always better than one.

A photo with Victor, the lead singer of the band A.M. Eyes.

JoeJoe hugs it out with an attendee of the wedding.

Joejoe, Diana, a cake with a car on it, and a whole bunch of people looking on.

Mmmmmmm. Cake.
Open wide!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter is on April 31st at Ridgepointe

I walked by the office door at Ridgepointe Apartments last night and had a good laugh.

There was an error on a notice posted on the door.  The office won't be open on Easter Sunday.  Instead of writing 'March 31st', whoever printed out the notice wrote 'April 31st' instead.  Since there is no April 31st on the calendar period, it caught my eye.

I love funny typos.

Easter notice posted on the Ridgepointe office door
At least they gave everyone a month notice for a date that doesn't exist.
Happy April 31st Easter!

Full moon over Tucson

If you heard howling in the last couple of days, it's because we've cycled through a full moon.

I was able to get a couple of cool looking photos looking southeast from my apartment patio.  I didn't do any alteration to the photo, it's right out of my camera.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Neighbor uses plastic bags for windows

The Honda that was parked next to my car at Ridgepointe last night apparently had it's driver and passenger windows broken.  I don't know if it happened at the apartment complex or somewhere else.  I could only see the damage that had already occurred.

Windows are expensive.  The owner of the car hadn't gotten them replaced with glass, they improvised with something else instead.

Last night a white trash bag and a small shopping bag were used as window replacements on this car at Ridgepointe

This morning, this 30 gallon trash bag had replaced the two smaller bags.
This looks more like a tinted window.

Tucson Fire Department Hose Training

The Tucson Fire Department does hose training in the wash southeast of the TV/radio building on a regular basis.

I grabbed my camera to take a picture because it has a cool look to it.

The photos also looked like the firefighter on the top of the ladder was taking a really epic pee.

Fire fighter climbs ladder and has to tinkle.
A really really really epic tinkle.

Live truck fire

One of the trucks for live on-location shoots at the TV station had a fire a few nights ago.

The external power supply that it plugs into when it is sitting idle at the station shorted out.  Fire trucks had to be called.

Some of the equipment inside was damaged and it smells like burned electrical.  Ewww.

This is not supposed to be a fireplace.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Ken Carr car gets new brakes and tires

I'm feeling some pain today in my wallet region.

I have been saving for months to get new tires, brakes, and some other work done on my Mazda RX-8.  Yesterday was the day to get the most pressing things fixed.

I purchased four new tires, had brake pads installed on all four wheels and new rotors on the front, and a broken fuel line repaired for a grand total of $2,200.  I still need to get a sticky valve fixed but it's another $700 which means that will have to be done another day.

I had Jim Click Mazda on 22nd Street do the work.  Since they are a Mazda dealership and it's difficult finding repair shops that have a clue how to work on a rotary engine, I just take it there even though it is likely it costs more.

One surprise benefit: My wallet is much thinner so it doesn't put as much pressure on my right butt cheek.

The service department at Jim Click Mazda at 22nd and Wilmot in Tucson

When I brought my car down this driveway I had $2,200 more than when I drove it back out.

Damaged dish

An air conditioning company is installing new equipment on the roof of the TV/radio building this week.

One of the employees that works for them had a little bit of trouble navigating his company truck.  He backed into one of the satellite dishes behind the building.

If your TV signal is a little bit wavy, here's the reason why.

Damaged edge of a satellite dish.
Reminds me of a Ruffles potato chip.
Ruffles have ridges.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Neighbors writing on windows

One of my neighbors from a few buildings over at Ridgepointe is apparently bored.

I spotted a bunch of writing on one of their windows.  I couldn't make it all out, but "Love Yourself" was easy to see.

Due to this suggestion, I now love myself.  Thanks random odd message in a neighbor's window!

Go ahead, Love Yourself.
And while you're at it, learn how to properly write the letter 'Y'.

Sunday adventure: Target, Boston Market, and Mallow Bits

Sundays are a day when Anthony and I get a little shopping and eating done.  It's the one day of the week we both have off together.

The first stop was Target.  I bought Lucky a couple of dog toys and Anthony needed cleaning products.  Then, we had dinner at Boston Market, and we ended our Sunday adventure at Walmart Neighborhood Market on 22nd Street with our usual weekly grocery shopping trip.

Anthony searches for clearance items inside Target at Grant and Tanque Verde
(This is today's sneaky photo)

Clearance! Score!

Justin Timberlake's CD 20/20 was apparently a hot seller, because there weren't any left.

Dinner at Boston Market at Grant and Tanque Verde.
It was another restaurant that Anthony and I ate in that was totally empty.
It seems to have grown into a tradition.

Peanut Butter Fudge cookies at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I thought that yellow thing on the side of the label was a dildo, and Anthony had to explain it was a rolling pin.

New Lunchables Uploaded.
I hope that is not the same as upchucked.

I thought Reese only made peanut butter cups.
Apparently they also like to show off their Mussels.

Kraft Jet Puffed Mallow Bits
It must be a teeny tiny jet that puffs up these little things.

Choosy mothers choose Jif Mocha Cappuccino flavored Hazelnut Spread.
Peanut butter is soooooo last year.

Panties on a pole - The sequel

I posted a photo in September 2012 of a random pair of girl's panties on the top of a pole next to a garbage dumpster at Ridgepointe where I live.  It was a rainy morning, so the panties were wet.  I thought it was an amusing and odd thing to see.

I came home from work a few days ago and I spotted another garment on top of a pole next to a garbage dumpster at Ridgepointe.  This time, it was a short women's robe.

The apartments at this complex have plenty of closet space so clothes shouldn't be stored on poles in the parking lot.  Why this happened will likely remain a mystery.  But, if someone needs clothes the first place they should look are on the poles next to garbage dumpsters at Ridgepointe Apartments.

A robe on a pole next to a garbage dumpster at Ridgepointe in March 2013
Panties on a pole next to a garbage dumpster at Ridgepointe in September 2012

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meeting Henry Darrow

I had the privilege of meeting legendary actor Henry Darrow today.  He was a guest on the Morning Blend.

His acting resume includes the NBC TV series The High Chaparral as Manolito Montoya from 1967-1971, Zorro in the 1990's, the movie The Hitcher in 1986, and even Star Trek Next Generation.

He was a very interesting guest on the show and he was kind enough to stand next to me for a photo.

Henry Darrow and Ken Carr
Henry may be wearing a cool hat, but I'm wearing a sweater I bought off of the clearance rack at Target

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patricks Lame Weekend

St. Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday this year.  I celebrated by having one of the least interesting weekends on record.

I was sick with a bizarre pressure style headache on Saturday.  I slept a bunch all day and shoveled aspirin and sinus medication into my pie hole but it didn't have much effect.  Fortunately, it didn't hang around and I felt okay today when I woke up.

St. Patrick's Day itself (today) was very uneventful.  I watched Anthony eat 31 Peeps for breakfast, then rush out the door in the afternoon to go drinking with some co-workers.  I stayed home, walked Lucky, did laundry, then went out solo to Jack In The Box for dinner, and Walmart Neighborhood Market for groceries.  Dinner and groceries was the first time I went anywhere besides the apartment complex all weekend.

The good news (in my mind) is that avoiding drinking green beer this weekend means I won't have to look at green poop, which is always the result of consuming anything with green dye.

This weekend I was down with the brown.

Sourdough Jack and curly fries at Jack In The Box at 22nd and Craycroft
I put hot sauce on it.

The last of the green cookies at Walmart Neighborhood Market on St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cowboy Rub and Hot Chips

This week's visit to the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft:

Vanilla Crème Horns
If I had horns, this is what I would like them to look like.

Girard's Champagne Dressing
The easy way to get drunk while eating salad.

McCormick Grill Mates Cowboy Rub
I think they used Cowboy Rub in the movie Brokeback Mountain.

Peanut Butter Toast Crunch
Anthony was so excited when he saw this that he squealed like a school girl.

Hot flavored potato chips
I thought hot was a temperature. Apparently it's a flavor.
How silly of me.

Banquet Chicken Fingers Meal
It comes with chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese sauce, and a giant brown piece of poo.

The sneaky Anthony photo of the week: He gazes longingly at the Easter Candy.
Don't worry, he bought some.