Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lucky models in a doggie fashion show at La Encantada

Lucky modeled in his second ever doggie fashion show today.

The event was up at La Encantada at 94.9 MIX-FM's Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase.  I have been to most of these events over the years as a radio dj for 106.3.  Since I have moved over to TV I'm now a spectator, and in this case (and last fall's) I volunteer Lucky to be in their doggie fashion show.

Last fall he wore a skeleton shirt (in honor of Halloween), since we're on the cusp of spring I got him a bright yellow shirt that said "Can't Touch This".  I thought it was a fun throwback to the old school in honor of MC Hammer.

I managed to juggle a camera while also handling Lucky so I could get some photos.

The shirt Lucky wore in the doggie fashion show

Lucky chillin' on the floor of my car on the way to La Encantada mall

Lucky in his "Can't Touch This" shirt

The view looking south from the second floor of La Encantada

A random photo of Victoria's Secret at La Encantada
What is Victoria's Secret?  That Victoria is a man!

Bras in the window at Victoria's Secret

My co-workers Jim and Leslie chat near the MIX-fm booth

The courtyard at La Encantada

Lucky and Lucky's tongue

Lucky meets a dog from the Humane Society.
Lucky is a Humane Society alum, so I'm sure they had lots to talk about.

Buddy from

Here's Nestle, who is owned by Paige (she is one of my neighbors at Ridgepointe)

Lexi, who is owned by my co-worker Allison (also one of my neighbors at Ridgepointe)

Greg Curtis of 94.9 MIX-fm, who was the announcer for the doggie fashion show

L'Occitane at La Encantada
Anthony used to work at this store.

This is my co-worker Rosanna, who I caught with the Kenparazzi camera shoving a sandwich into her pie hole

Lexi and Nestle

I think Lucky is getting hit on by this random spotted dog.
He doesn't seem to care.

Lucky waits for his second walk down the runway at the doggie fashion show

Lucky is ready for his close up, Mr. DeMille.

Lucky is greeted by Nestle.

Handsome boy.