Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday adventure: Target, Boston Market, and Mallow Bits

Sundays are a day when Anthony and I get a little shopping and eating done.  It's the one day of the week we both have off together.

The first stop was Target.  I bought Lucky a couple of dog toys and Anthony needed cleaning products.  Then, we had dinner at Boston Market, and we ended our Sunday adventure at Walmart Neighborhood Market on 22nd Street with our usual weekly grocery shopping trip.

Anthony searches for clearance items inside Target at Grant and Tanque Verde
(This is today's sneaky photo)

Clearance! Score!

Justin Timberlake's CD 20/20 was apparently a hot seller, because there weren't any left.

Dinner at Boston Market at Grant and Tanque Verde.
It was another restaurant that Anthony and I ate in that was totally empty.
It seems to have grown into a tradition.

Peanut Butter Fudge cookies at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I thought that yellow thing on the side of the label was a dildo, and Anthony had to explain it was a rolling pin.

New Lunchables Uploaded.
I hope that is not the same as upchucked.

I thought Reese only made peanut butter cups.
Apparently they also like to show off their Mussels.

Kraft Jet Puffed Mallow Bits
It must be a teeny tiny jet that puffs up these little things.

Choosy mothers choose Jif Mocha Cappuccino flavored Hazelnut Spread.
Peanut butter is soooooo last year.