Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Ken Carr car gets new brakes and tires

I'm feeling some pain today in my wallet region.

I have been saving for months to get new tires, brakes, and some other work done on my Mazda RX-8.  Yesterday was the day to get the most pressing things fixed.

I purchased four new tires, had brake pads installed on all four wheels and new rotors on the front, and a broken fuel line repaired for a grand total of $2,200.  I still need to get a sticky valve fixed but it's another $700 which means that will have to be done another day.

I had Jim Click Mazda on 22nd Street do the work.  Since they are a Mazda dealership and it's difficult finding repair shops that have a clue how to work on a rotary engine, I just take it there even though it is likely it costs more.

One surprise benefit: My wallet is much thinner so it doesn't put as much pressure on my right butt cheek.

The service department at Jim Click Mazda at 22nd and Wilmot in Tucson

When I brought my car down this driveway I had $2,200 more than when I drove it back out.