Monday, July 29, 2013

Caddyshack flashback

The movie "Caddyshack", which was released in theaters in 1980, is a comedy centered around the ridiculous characters at a country club golf course.

Bill Murray's character in the movie (Carl Spackler) spends a lot of time using a variety of methods to rid the golf course of a surprisingly smart and elusive gopher.

I saw a gopher in the back parking area at KGUN today.  It was munching on mesquite seed pods that had fallen off of nearby trees.  The little critter wouldn't let me get close, but I used a telephoto lens to get the best picture that I could.  It was a pretty decent sized gopher.

It reminded me of Caddyshack.  If you haven't seen the movie, it's an 80's classic.  Stupid and hilarious.  Just how I like my movies.

The gopher (in the dead center of the photo) in the KGUN parking lot.

My neighbor is dirty

My neighbor is dirty.  More specifically, has a dirty truck.

I spotted this mostly mud covered pickup truck in the parking lot at Ridgepointe.  I saw a guy and girl get out of it.  They were clean, but wherever they had been driving certainly was not.


Mud covered truck in the Ridgepointe Apartments parking lot
I wanted to write "wash me" with my finger on the hood...
but if the brown stuff on the truck turned out to be poo it would get awkward.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mole in a jar and crackers for size queens

It's Sunday, which is grocery shopping day.  I went solo today.

A stop at the Wells Fargo ATM at Wilmot and 5th Street was first.  I was reminded why Americans are so fat.  It's because there are drive up ATMs now.  I didn't even have to get out of the car.  If I'm lucky, I burned one calorie leaning over to type in my PIN number.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft was the grocery store of choice today.  (It's usually the grocery store of choice).  I didn't get hit up for money by a panhandler on my way into the store, but I did on the way out.  It's a rare occurrence to not get asked for money by someone in that parking lot.  But, I shop there because the prices are low and they have my favorite potato salad.

A trip to the ATM, grocery shopping, and laundry.  It was an uneventful weekend.

The drive up ATM at Wells Fargo Bank at 5th and Wilmot
I felt fatter using it.

El Mexicano Mole
Someone figured out how to take those brown spots on the human body
and turn them into a sauce.

I watched a woman's child dump half a bottle of blue Gatorade on the floor
at Walmart Neighborhood Market and then just walk away.
Keep it classy, Walmart shoppers.

Cheez-It Big crackers
Finally, a cracker for people who believe that size matters.

One A Day Men's 50+ Healthy Advantage Vitamins
I am still a few years away from being eligible to eat these.
I can't say I'm terribly upset.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The silent squeaker pink polka dotted frog

I went shopping last night at Target.  I purchased a few new things for Lucky to chew on.

I thought this was the best invention ever:  A plush toy that has a squeaker in it that only dogs can hear.  It works, his ears perk up when I squeeze the squeaker inside and I can't hear a thing.  I like it because he can squeeze it with his mouth during the night (Lucky is kind of nocturnal sometimes) and it doesn't wake me.

The inventor of this toy deserves a hug.  It was worth every penny.

Lucky's new pink polka dotted frog silent squeaker toy.

Monsoon storm photos in Tucson July 26, 2013

The Tucson area had another round of monsoon thunderstorms today.

There was a heavy downpour on the east side of the city in the area where I live and work.  In between doing my work duties today and after I came home from work, I managed to take a few photos.

Storm clouds rolling in from the northeast.
I took this photo from the KGUN parking lot, the building at the bottom
is the Federal passport processing center (that used to be the Tucson Ice Center).

Storm clouds as seen over the Geico call center parking lot north of KGUN.

The roof above this hallway at the station has sprung a leak this summer.
The bucket brigade comes out every time it rains.
It makes for an short but exciting obstacle course.

Ken Carr Photo Art:
I call this "office chair in a puddle".

Water dripping into a puddle from the overhang that goes over
the TV live trucks.

Storm damage was minor at home.
This branch landed on this patio chair.

Monsoon sunset as seen from my bedroom balcony.

Close up of the above shot.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pamela Anderson, Beyonce, and a dirty restroom at Walmart Market

It's Sunday, which is the weekly shopping trip day for Anthony and I.

I needed some new shoes and clothes, we both needed lunch, and we hadn't been to a mall together in quite a while.

Our first stop was at Famous Footwear, where they're having a buy one pair get the second half off sale.  It was very busy for a Sunday afternoon.  I realized that it's nearly back to school time (some schools have already ended their summer break, like the Vail, AZ district south of Tucson).  There's nothing sillier than giant old me battling it out in a store with ten year old kids and their less than patient parents.

We went across the parking lot to Mimi's Café for lunch.  Brent, who was our waiter, was really great.  The food was pretty good, too.

The next stop was at Park Place Mall.  Old Navy and Macy's.  I like the jeans at Old Navy.  I didn't like standing in a long line of people who were buying back to school stuff.  Sweaty people tend to stand in line.  Ewwww.

Anthony got Starbucks, then we went into Macy's.  I ended up with some polo and dress shirts.  The woman who rang us up found it amusing that I take pictures of everything.

We wrapped up our Sunday shopping with a stop at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft for our usual grocery trip.  It was unusual today because we didn't get asked for money by a panhandler either going in or out of the store.  Actually, I think that's a first.
Riding in Anthony's SUV to Park Place
This is Wilmot and 5th.

I don't know what this is in Anthony's vehicle...
but it looks like someone got excited.

Famous Footwear at Broadway and Wilmot

I bought this pair of shoes

And I got the second pair half price.

This used to be the El Mercado shops at Broadway and Wilmot
that included the east side El Charro restaurant.

Now they're building a CVS pharmacy where El Mercado used to be.

Anthony drinking a mimosa at Mimi's Café at Broadway and Wilmot

Anthony got a salad and a giant muffin at Mimi's.
I don't know what he's doing with his hand.
Maybe he got excited about the giant muffin.

My turkey club sandwich at Mimi's.

What used to be my turkey club sandwich at Mimi's.

At Old Navy at Park Place Mall waiting in line with my armload of pants.

The ladies in front of me were sporty.
They were wearing festive sneakers.

Almost to the front of the line at Old Navy.

Anthony in line at Starbucks at Park Place.
Isn't his man purse cute?

Anthony's fancy Starbucks drink.
He requested it with a ribbon, but they put caramel on it instead.

Retro t-shirts at Macy's at Park Place.
MTV and Baywatch with Pamela Anderson.
That was before she made the sex tape with Tommy Lee.

The clerk grabbing my polo shirts off the counter at Macy's.
That's Anthony's hand on the left.

I purchased some colorful dress shirts at Macy's.

A photo of Beyoncé on a backlit board above the cash registers at H&M.
Everyone should look this fabulous after having a baby.

The most disappointing thing about Park Place Mall:
A Best Buy Mobile store replaced Cinnabon near the food court.
This is what tragedy looks like.

Today's sneaky photo of Anthony:
In the produce department at Walmart Neighborhood Market

New! Ultimate Hamburger Helper
Just when you thought Hamburger Helper couldn't get any better...
the Ultimate comes along.
We can all die happy now.

A dark day at the checkout stand at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Cory Monteith from Glee dies, and we learn about his final days.
And, O.J. only has three months to live and his head is as large as Uranus.

This sign is near the checkouts at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft:
"Restroom Needs Cleaning".
After it's cleaned, the sign changes to "Restroom Needs Dirtying".

Anna Christina Moreno is screaming

I walked outside of my apartment just after midnight and heard a woman screaming and banging on a door.  I figured out after walking to the east side of my complex that she was at La Hacienda Apartments two lots over to the east.

She was mad at some guy named Brian.  I know this because she said his name over and over while doing the door banging.

The Tucson Police Department DUI task force had pulled someone over on the west side of my complex (I know this because I heard the radio traffic on my scanner), so I went to tell them they may want to send a unit over there.  They informed me that their radios were not working, and suggested that I call 911.  It's odd that they said that, since I heard them a handful of minutes earlier telling the dispatcher that they were pulling someone over.  Apparently the two officers radios broke simultaneously right after they used them.  Imagine the bad luck.

I walked back to the east side of the complex again and she was still screaming.  I decided to call 911 and just as they picked up I saw a police cruiser drive in there.  Now I could listen to the action without having to be on the phone with an emergency dispatcher.

The screaming woman started screaming louder.  She told the officer detaining her, "I'm Anna Christina Moreno and I'm on the KRQ Morning Show."  I assume that she calls in as a wacky guest.  Then, she said "My mother Shirley works for the Pima County Probations Department."  Maybe if she's lucky she'll get her mother as a probations officer after she goes to court.

She continued screaming for what I could only guess was half an hour and she still was screaming after the Tucson Fire Department paramedics arrived.  I finally went back into my apartment because my ears couldn't take hearing her voice anymore.

Congratulations to Anna Christina Moreno.  Your late night screaming tantrum scored you a spot on my blog and the most excitement I had all day.

Brian, whoever you are, if you are dating this woman you should break it off and get a restraining order.  It won't get any better than tonight.  Sorry about your bad luck.

The Tucson Fire Department engine arriving with paramedics
to La Hacienda Apartments

Tucson Fire Department ambulance
Tonight it carried one screaming out of control woman.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monsoon storm in Tucson July 20, 2013

Tucson got smacked in the face with today's monsoon storms.

There has been a lot of power pole damage this storm season.  The poles that went down today were in the vicinity of Irvington Road and Houghton Road.  Most of the power is back on as I write this, but it'll be another day before they reopen that intersection.  The power was not affected at my apartment.

On the home front, I took a few photos of the bit of rain that fell at the Ken Carr World Headquarters.  And, a bird that took refuge in the tree by my master bedroom balcony.

Monsoon thunderstorm clouds moving in to east Tucson
This was the view from my front door looking east.

Monsoon clouds looking southeast from Ridgepointe

A photo of the monsoon rain coming down.
I cranked the shutter speed way up, those specks in the photo
are raindrops falling.

A bird that took refuge from the rain in the tree by my bedroom balcony.

A puddle in the parking lot.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ken Carr Photo Art: Night time is the right time

I was trying out the ISO settings on one of my cameras tonight.  If you're not familiar, it's a setting on many cameras that allow you to shoot photos in poorer light.

Here's Ken Carr Photo Art - taken from the balcony next to the master bedroom while the sprinklers were running at Ridgepointe:

A photo taken from my balcony at Ridgepointe in near total darkness
except for the lights you see next to the sidewalk.
I thought it was kind of artsy.

Sunglasses and a peach

One of the show guests this week left two items in the green room:  A pair of sunglasses and a peach.

He came back later in the day to retrieve the sunglasses.  He decided he didn't want the peach anymore.

Sunglasses and a peach left in the green room
They go together... like sunglasses and a peach.