Sunday, July 14, 2013

The hooter and the hawk

A couple of the many interesting visitors to the TV show this week:  An owl and a hawk.

My first concern whenever we have wild animals on the show is whether they're going to fly up into the rafters, or bite someone, or in a completely selfish moment... not be photogenic.  As for the last one, they rarely disappoint.  I scored some good photos from their segment.

The birds were from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum here in Tucson, and are part of a series they're doing at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort this summer where the birds do a free flight into the nearby desert (and they come back!).  It's quite spectacular for resort guests to see, from what I understand.

The only thing I didn't enjoy:  The owl, who is 15 years old (they rarely live that long... most live less than three years), pooped on the studio floor several times.  If you thought my job was glamorous, then you should have seen me wiping giant plops of bird poo off of the floor.

Amanda from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with an owl.
This was the guilty pooper (not her, the owl).

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum curator Wally with a hawk.

The hawk can turn it's head around 180 degrees.
Which makes it easier for the hawk to watch you like a hawk.