Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monsoon storm in Tucson July 20, 2013

Tucson got smacked in the face with today's monsoon storms.

There has been a lot of power pole damage this storm season.  The poles that went down today were in the vicinity of Irvington Road and Houghton Road.  Most of the power is back on as I write this, but it'll be another day before they reopen that intersection.  The power was not affected at my apartment.

On the home front, I took a few photos of the bit of rain that fell at the Ken Carr World Headquarters.  And, a bird that took refuge in the tree by my master bedroom balcony.

Monsoon thunderstorm clouds moving in to east Tucson
This was the view from my front door looking east.

Monsoon clouds looking southeast from Ridgepointe

A photo of the monsoon rain coming down.
I cranked the shutter speed way up, those specks in the photo
are raindrops falling.

A bird that took refuge from the rain in the tree by my bedroom balcony.

A puddle in the parking lot.