Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pamela Anderson, Beyonce, and a dirty restroom at Walmart Market

It's Sunday, which is the weekly shopping trip day for Anthony and I.

I needed some new shoes and clothes, we both needed lunch, and we hadn't been to a mall together in quite a while.

Our first stop was at Famous Footwear, where they're having a buy one pair get the second half off sale.  It was very busy for a Sunday afternoon.  I realized that it's nearly back to school time (some schools have already ended their summer break, like the Vail, AZ district south of Tucson).  There's nothing sillier than giant old me battling it out in a store with ten year old kids and their less than patient parents.

We went across the parking lot to Mimi's Café for lunch.  Brent, who was our waiter, was really great.  The food was pretty good, too.

The next stop was at Park Place Mall.  Old Navy and Macy's.  I like the jeans at Old Navy.  I didn't like standing in a long line of people who were buying back to school stuff.  Sweaty people tend to stand in line.  Ewwww.

Anthony got Starbucks, then we went into Macy's.  I ended up with some polo and dress shirts.  The woman who rang us up found it amusing that I take pictures of everything.

We wrapped up our Sunday shopping with a stop at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft for our usual grocery trip.  It was unusual today because we didn't get asked for money by a panhandler either going in or out of the store.  Actually, I think that's a first.
Riding in Anthony's SUV to Park Place
This is Wilmot and 5th.

I don't know what this is in Anthony's vehicle...
but it looks like someone got excited.

Famous Footwear at Broadway and Wilmot

I bought this pair of shoes

And I got the second pair half price.

This used to be the El Mercado shops at Broadway and Wilmot
that included the east side El Charro restaurant.

Now they're building a CVS pharmacy where El Mercado used to be.

Anthony drinking a mimosa at Mimi's Café at Broadway and Wilmot

Anthony got a salad and a giant muffin at Mimi's.
I don't know what he's doing with his hand.
Maybe he got excited about the giant muffin.

My turkey club sandwich at Mimi's.

What used to be my turkey club sandwich at Mimi's.

At Old Navy at Park Place Mall waiting in line with my armload of pants.

The ladies in front of me were sporty.
They were wearing festive sneakers.

Almost to the front of the line at Old Navy.

Anthony in line at Starbucks at Park Place.
Isn't his man purse cute?

Anthony's fancy Starbucks drink.
He requested it with a ribbon, but they put caramel on it instead.

Retro t-shirts at Macy's at Park Place.
MTV and Baywatch with Pamela Anderson.
That was before she made the sex tape with Tommy Lee.

The clerk grabbing my polo shirts off the counter at Macy's.
That's Anthony's hand on the left.

I purchased some colorful dress shirts at Macy's.

A photo of Beyoncé on a backlit board above the cash registers at H&M.
Everyone should look this fabulous after having a baby.

The most disappointing thing about Park Place Mall:
A Best Buy Mobile store replaced Cinnabon near the food court.
This is what tragedy looks like.

Today's sneaky photo of Anthony:
In the produce department at Walmart Neighborhood Market

New! Ultimate Hamburger Helper
Just when you thought Hamburger Helper couldn't get any better...
the Ultimate comes along.
We can all die happy now.

A dark day at the checkout stand at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Cory Monteith from Glee dies, and we learn about his final days.
And, O.J. only has three months to live and his head is as large as Uranus.

This sign is near the checkouts at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft:
"Restroom Needs Cleaning".
After it's cleaned, the sign changes to "Restroom Needs Dirtying".