Monday, July 15, 2013

I ate a fish taco and I didn't like it

Anthony and I went to dinner tonight at Macayo's at Broadway and Kolb in Tucson.

I usually get a chimichanga when I eat there, but today I decided to get fish tacos.  I thought they would be a little easier to digest before bedtime.  I've shared this with you before, but I have a sensitive stomach.

The service was outstanding.  (I tipped the server 30%, he told me when we were leaving that we made his night.)

I liked the fish itself, but I didn't care for the tortillas.  They use the thick corn tortillas for their fish tacos and they were like chewing rubber (I've never really chewed rubber, but I'm making my best guess that is what it's like).

Anthony had nachos.  It's fun watching him eat nachos, because he always eats them with a fork.  It's a unique talent that he has to make the chips balance between the fork tines.  He still holds the distinction for being the only person I've ever eaten with who doesn't eat nachos with his hands.

I'll go back to Macayo's.  They have good chimichangas and always have excellent service.  I will skip the fish tacos though.

Fish tacos at Macayo's in Tucson
They would have been wonderful without the tortillas and the name fish taco.

Anthony's nachos at Macayo's.
I asked about the cheese, and he said "it's nacho cheese, it's my cheese."