Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lucky gives a crap

One of the most difficult subjects to take pictures of is my dog Lucky.

We've had him for over two years and he's still scared of the camera despite my attempts to get him used to it.  I can almost never get him to stay momentarily still in the apartment for a photo. The moment I take a camera out, he runs out of the room.  But, he ignores the camera when we're outside on the leash.

Taking pictures of him outdoors comes with a different challenge.  When we're outside, his main mission is to pee and poop.

Since I haven't shot any photos of him in a while, I brought a camera and shot some pictures of what Lucky does best... because he gives a crap.

Lucky leaves his mark on a light pole

Searching for the right spot

I think he may have found the best place.

Lucky gives a crap

A true multi-tasker, he gives a crap
and looks around at the same time.

Lucky leaves Ken a present

I had doody duty

All of Lucky's hard work...
right into the trash.

Building the perfect nachos

Anthony treated me to dinner tonight at El Taco Tote, on Wilmot Road a few blocks from our apartment.

I had chicken tacos, and he had Panchos Nachos.

One of Anthony's admirable traits is that he has a methodical, often precision way of doing things.  He strives (and achieves) a level of performing tasks that I could only wish for.  He demonstrated this tonight when he added extra ingredients that they have at the salsa bar to his nachos.  After carefully adding the items, he ate his creation.

I just threw some salsa on my tacos.  That's the difference between him and I.  He's a precision nacho builder, and I'm a salsa dumper.

El Taco Tote on Wilmot Road
as seen from the south side of the parking lot

Sneaky photo of Anthony:
Walking with purpose...
to go build his perfect nachos.

We actually ate in a restaurant with people in it.
It's a miracle!

Cucumbers, radishes, chips and salsa.
My hors d'oeuvres.

ChicKEN tacos, beans and rice for Ken.

Anthony's nachos before he perfected them.
(One little tomato on the table tried to make an escape...
run little tomato, run)

He adds cilantro...

A cup of baby puke (a.k.a. green salsa)...

Red salsa...

And he's made Anthony perfect nachos.
Om nom nom.

Work e-mail suggests penis enlargement pills

I went to work today and when I checked my spam e-mail box on my work e-mail, it not only suggested ordering Viagra at a 68% discount, but also suggested I need penis enlargement pills.

I'm left to wonder, did I get naked in front of my e-mail and don't remember?  And an even more horrifying thought, did I do it at work?

My work e-mail suggested ordering penis enlargement pills.
Is there a hidden camera in the station restroom?

Friday, August 29, 2014

The non-fire fire at KGUN 9

It's been another week of almost non-stop work.  While I continue to do two people's jobs (mine and the job of the producer that left a couple of weeks ago), I have been working from about 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., then going home to take Lucky out to poop, taking an hour nap, eating something, and heading back to work from about 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.  Then I've gotten home, taken Lucky out again, ironed a shirt, and gone to bed between 12:30 a.m. and 1:00 a.m.

I must be KENsane.

We do have someone hired for the position, but I now have the added task of training them.  It'll take a while.  Hopefully by Christmas.

I was at work last night and at about 10:45 p.m. the fire alarms started sounding in the KGUN building.  The alarms are really loud and obnoxious so there is no mistaking that they're sounding.

I went to the end of the hall down from my office where the fire alarm controls are and verified it was not a false alarm (there was a light grey smoke coming out of the main computer server room), then went around to make sure the staff that was still working in the building knew it wasn't a drill, test, or false alarm. I had to get them motivated to get out of the building until the fire department could arrive and assess what the situation was.

There were no flames.  It was determined to be one of the giant air conditioning units on the roof (which is brand new) that had something burning up inside.  It was sending smoke into the building.

Once the determination was made by the Tucson Fire Department staff, we were allowed back in the building and I was able to finish my work for the night.

It was a fire but not really.  A non-fire fire.  However, it was a brief distraction at work from a long grueling week.  I did take a few photos.  Fire truck flashing lights are pretty.

Tucson Fire Department trucks arriving
at the KGUN 9 building.

The blinky fire truck lights are sooooo exciting.

These blinky fire truck lights are exciting, too.

Medics come just in case
I need mouth to mouth.

Fire fighters head into the building to
search for the source of the smoke.

Silhouette of photo journalist Alfonso
capturing footage of the firefighters
at work.
He's a professional photographer, and I'm the
guy who takes pictures of professional photographers.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

When grocery products are stripper names

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday eating and shopping excursion tonight.

I had a stupidly busy weekend, so Anthony ate a whole pizza from Pizza Hut without me this afternoon while I had lunch down on 4th Avenue with a friend from out of town.  But, we came back together to rendezvous for ice cream at Dairy Queen this evening on 22nd Street and do our shopping for food.

As I was taking pictures of some of the products at Walmart Neighborhood Market, I started thinking... if I was a stripper (that's far fetched in itself, fat kids don't end up being strippers) I would probably have a grocery product stripper name.  To throw a little theme into this week's pictures you'll see some possible examples.

A visit to DQ on 22nd Street.
Peanut Butter Blast for Anthony and
Oreo Brownie Blast for Ken.
Plus two cups of water... it was warm out.

And now for the theme, here are some grocery products that could be potential stripper names (for me, anyway).

"Dream Whip"
I kind of like that one.
Although, "Minute Tapioca"
might work as well.

"White Chocolate Wonderful"

You know you'd want s'more of that!

"Toilet paper on abandoned eggs"
would be the most accurate stripper
name that I could ever come up with.

"Sno balls".
Mmmmm hmmmm.

And, a couple of bonus photos:

I got excited to see One Direction
in the grocery store.
Turns out it was a cardboard display.
Way to crush my dreams, One Direction.

Sneaky photo of Anthony.
Picking the perfect bag of chips
is not only a passion, it's a science.

Climb 4 The Fallen media event

The media business can be unbelievably competitive. Having said that, I have always found it beyond awesome when competitors come together for a worthy cause

That was the case this morning when leading on-camera hosts, anchors, a meteorologist, and car mogul strapped on firefighter gear for the media event for Climb 4 The Fallen, which raises money for families of firefighters whose lives were lost in the line of duty.

It was the least I could do to get my happy ass up this morning at the crack of dawn for a little photography of the event. You all do amazing work.

Climb 4 The Fallen media event
The gear they'll be wearing to
climb the stairs on the 14 story building
is laid out.

KGUN 9 weekend anchors Valerie Cavazos
and Christina Myers, and Morning Blend
host Amanda Guralski suit up for the climb.

Amanda suited up in firefighting gear
and on Instagram on her phone.
A true multitasker.

KGUN 9's Valerie Cavazos and KVOA 4
anchor Kristi Tedesco

Morning Blend host Amanda Guralski
and KGUN 9 anchor Christina Myers

This group climbed fourteen floors twice
wearing this gear.

This is written on the stairs
at the bottom of the building
at 5151 East Broadway Blvd.

The firefighters who organize the
Climb 4 The Fallen with Amanda

This young man led the charge up the stairs.
I went up to the fourth floor to get
the photos of the climbers.
That's the Ken Carr car in the parking lot.

One of the firefighters participating in the climb

KGUN 9 anchor Christina Myers

KGUN 9 anchor Valerie Cavazos

KOLD 13 anchor Dan Marries

KOLD 13 meteorologist Erin Jordan

Another firefighter who is part of the climb

This guy may be climbing the stairs but
he kind of cheated wearing just a
dress shirt and jeans

KVOA 4 anchor Kristi Tedesco

She makes climbing look fabulous

Morning Blend host Amanda Guralski

Scott Lehman of Premier Auto Centers.
He's a climber for the people.

Amanda with Scott Lehman of Premier Auto Centers

5151 East Broadway:
This is the building that the climbers
walked up the stairs in.... twice.