Saturday, August 23, 2014

Holly and Tommy got married

Anthony and I attended the wedding of Holly and Tommy tonight at Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch in Marana, in the northwest part of the Tucson metro tonight.

Thanks to the career path I've followed, I've attended many more weddings as an employee in my life (most of the ones I'm referring to I was the dj) than I have as a regular guest.  Either that, or I've been part of the wedding party.  I've always enjoyed going and bringing a camera with me to capture some fun photos.

The setting was at a horse ranch that they also rent out for events like weddings.  The weather was a bit warm and steamy but it's a lovely place and has a very horse ranch vibe (because it's a horse ranch).  There were even a couple of horses they put in a small pen out front to add extra ambience to the grounds as you entered.  You'll see that photo below.

Holly and Tommy are really fun people (I'm a co-worker of Holly's, that's how I know her) and the wedding was full of quirky and cool things that I'd never seen before.  For example, one of those moments was during the ceremony when instead of lighting unity candles like couples do during many weddings, they made themselves shots of liquor and did unity shots.  It was that sort of thing that made the evening interesting and fun as a wedding guest.

The entire online album of Kenparazzi photos can be seen by clicking this, but I did post a few highlights here:

Chairs set up for Holly and Tommy's
wedding at Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch.

I was going to sit by this lovely stream
until I noticed about 50 bees buzzing
around those rocks.
Nope, moving somewhere else.

Mrs. G chatting with Anthony

Waiting for the ceremony to start

Anthony with his biggest fan

Holly and Tommy's daughter Lily
being entertained by Tommy's parents


Here comes the bride


One of many signs held up
during the wedding ceremony

Screw a unity candle.
They did unity shots!

They be hitched!

Two horses and a stagecoach

This photo of Anthony looks like
a high school graduation picture

Reminds me of a date I've had


Anthony and some idiot

KENgratulations Holly and Tommy!