Thursday, August 7, 2014

Why I'm not a professional cake icing writer

I purchased a cake last night at Albertson's to take to work for a little celebration and 'wish you well' after the show.  One of my co-workers last day at the station was today.

The person who writes on cakes at Albertson's was gone for the day so I purchased the cake and a can of icing so I could write on the cake myself.  "How hard could this be?" was what I thought.

I apologize to anyone who writes on cakes professionally.  You are talented.  You are amazing.  You possess a skill that I do not.  I found out that I'm not a good cake icing writer.

It looked like what I wrote on the cake was written by a child or maybe a Parkinson's patient.  Shaky writing, but at least you could read it.  I considered that a victory.  It was like a lot of things in my life:  "I tried".  I think that's what should be written on my tombstone at whatever point I kick the bucket.

"Good Luck Allison".  I spent $32 at the store and went to all this trouble, and the irony is that she has always hated me.  I still tried to be nice to the end though.

I have a lot of the can of icing left (that stupid can cost $5.39!) so I can write poorly on other cakes or baked goods, or maybe a sandwich if the need arises.

The cake was wonderful.
The writing job, not so much.