Friday, August 1, 2014

Late night thunder

I was asked today by one of the TV show guests some questions related to my job and career.

I'm always surprised when this happens.  The experience of being a guest on a TV show is such that it is always about the guest.  We're there as producers and the hosts of the show to ask them questions so viewers can get to know what they're about and what they are on the show to promote or share.

I write outside of work for fun, to share silly stories about my experiences, but it's more difficult to talk about myself as a person with career or job knowledge to share.  When someone asks me questions like that, I always wonder if it's polite small talk or they really want to know.  I have a love for writing or creating content that is generally unrelated to my job or career because that isn't work, it's fun.

I've worked for 27+ years in media and have always been part of a team that works their asses off to create entertainment content.  It's often hard and high pressure work.  I think I've done it for so long that I often forget that the inner workings of a TV show, TV station, or radio station and the people who are employed there can be interesting to some people.

For example, today was a fairly complicated day at work.  There were a lot of problems to solve.  But, I was most excited about the two photos I took on my way in to work this morning after a round of thunderstorms came through the area of Tucson that I live in.  I thought all day about posting the photos and what I was going to write to go with them.  There is nothing that excites me more than taking pictures and writing this blog.

Shortly after going to bed at 12:30 a.m. this morning I started hearing rumbling and realized a thunderstorm was making it's way to this area.  The noise was scaring Lucky, we had a minor drama at our place when Anthony was unhappy that Lucky attempted to go into his bathroom to hide from the noise, and I got up to look outside to see rain coming down through the window.  It turned out that a bit after I went to sleep that there was a power outage in this part of town (although ours never went out).

Monsoon 2014.  We will rebuild.

Monsoon storm left a puddle in the Ridgepointe parking lot.
We will rebuild.

A discarded cup got wet in the KGUN parking lot.
We will rebuild.