Sunday, August 17, 2014

Charles, Pat, Meg and Meg

We were out of soda yesterday at our place, so I stopped by Circle K to get us a few bottles to tide us over until we could go to the grocery store.

Coke and Diet Coke have those crazy bottles with the names on them.  I didn't spot a Ken or Anthony bottle, so I just grabbed four (2 Cokes for Anthony, 2 Diet Cokes for me) and didn't really pay attention to what names were on them.

Once I arrived home, I discovered that I had picked up a Charles, a Pat, and a Coke Meg and Diet Coke Meg.

Anthony and I had our Megs with dinner last night that I picked up from Paco's Mexican Food.

We're probably more like a couple of Megs than I realize.

Charles, Pat, Meg and Meg
Share A Coke bottles.
The couple that Megs together
stays together.