Friday, August 22, 2014

A wet and wild monsoon

It's been a wet monsoon this year in southern Arizona.  Phoenix has had their share of heavy rain as well.  There was video on TV earlier this week of the I-17 freeway flooding in the Phoenix area and plenty of stranded motorists and dramatic swift water rescues.

This area had plenty of rain recently.  I was able to get some more photos of rain in the afternoon (and since I've also been working at night, a photo of that as well) and damage in one of the Morning Blend offices from a soaked suspended ceiling collapse.  I've even had a dripping air conditioner in my apartment.  Water water everywhere.

Monsoon will be over with in a couple of weeks.  Then, it'll be back to sunny mostly cloudless days.  We have it so rough here.

A soaking monsoon afternoon
rain storm as seen at KGUN 9.

Even though that bicycle is sitting
underneath the satellite dish,
it's not escaping getting wet.

Plenty of puddling on the northeast
side of the KGUN building.

Night time soaker as seen from
outside the main entrance
to the KGUN 9 building.

The ceiling in one of the Morning Blend offices
had a leak and this tile got so soaked
that it fell onto the floor.

Wet ceiling tile on the floor.
It became abstract art.

Process of finding where the leak is
so it can be fixed by our
building engineers and an
air conditioning guy.

At the Ken Carr World Headquarters:
Cooler has been dripping the last handful
of days from this intake vent.

This bucket has come in handy for catching
a lot of leaks in recent years.
And, if I flip it over,
it becomes a low cost helmet.