Friday, August 15, 2014

More monsoon photos

Monsoon is still alive and well in southern Arizona.

This year, we had a strong start to the storm season in the Tucson area right around Independence Day, then it died off for a bit, but has returned with more storms in the last week.

A strong and wet thunderstorm passed over the KGUN TV building on Monday afternoon and I took a few minutes out of my afternoon work routine to take some pictures.

Storms and rain are infrequent enough in this area that they become an event every time they happen.  That's why I end up posting photos.  It's kind of like getting four feet of snow in Chicago.  People stop what they're doing to chronicle the event.

Monsoon thunderstorm in Tucson
on Monday August 11, 2014.
This is the view looking out of the back door
of the KGUN 9 TV building.

Rain pouring from the edge of the satellite dish.

Rain had just stopped.
View looking out of the west door
of the building.

If the TV/Radio building was a boat
we would have sunk already.
Some place in the building during
every rain storm, we spring a leak.
That's engineer Ryan catching me
taking a photo of the bucket catching the rain.

Leaky roof = artsy patterns
on the suspended ceiling.
This one looks like a pattern left
in a guy's underwear.

Another storm rolled through about an hour
after the first one, and it made a temporary river
in the back parking lot.

If this can's family is looking for it,
unfortunately it was swept away
by the raging river.
R.I.P. can.