Saturday, August 2, 2014

Red rover red rover send a new neighbor right over

Go ahead, call me Gladys Kravitz.

Gladys was the nosy neighbor on the classic TV show "Bewitched".  She was always looking through her window at her neighbors wanting to know what they were doing.  She caused trouble for Samantha, the main character on the show (that was a witch who was trying to hide that fact).

I spotted new neighbors moving in to the apartment downstairs (below mine) this afternoon.  It appears to be a woman around my age and her teenage son.  I spoke to him for a bit when I took Lucky out for a walk, he was a nice guy.  He said that they have a Jack Russell terrier dog, I suppose we'll find out soon enough if it's a yapper.  (Lucky, my dog, has never barked so I never worry about disturbing anyone with that sort of noise).

Unfortunately for them, they were moving stuff in on an afternoon where we're getting some monsoon showers.  Moving in the rain sucks.  The rain didn't deter me though, I still shot photos.  I'm sure Gladys Kravitz would approve.

Welcome to living below Ken Carr, new downstairs neighbors.  The people who lived there previously (Angela and her man) were fantastic, so you have a lot to live up to.

Monsoon rain on a Saturday afternoon.
That's the new neighbors backing their car in.

Rain looking like snow in this photo

A wet grey day for moving in

A neighbor (that is not new) running in to her apartment
pulling her soggy son along.

Mother Nature washing off the sidewalk

Rain pooling on a palm frond

Teenage new downstairs neighbor carrying in some
kind of wall art in the rain.
I think he said his name is Marco.

The other new downstairs neighbor.
I did find out her name is Lisa.
Give me time and I'll find out what her
favorite color is and
whether her farts are loud.