Sunday, August 24, 2014

When grocery products are stripper names

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday eating and shopping excursion tonight.

I had a stupidly busy weekend, so Anthony ate a whole pizza from Pizza Hut without me this afternoon while I had lunch down on 4th Avenue with a friend from out of town.  But, we came back together to rendezvous for ice cream at Dairy Queen this evening on 22nd Street and do our shopping for food.

As I was taking pictures of some of the products at Walmart Neighborhood Market, I started thinking... if I was a stripper (that's far fetched in itself, fat kids don't end up being strippers) I would probably have a grocery product stripper name.  To throw a little theme into this week's pictures you'll see some possible examples.

A visit to DQ on 22nd Street.
Peanut Butter Blast for Anthony and
Oreo Brownie Blast for Ken.
Plus two cups of water... it was warm out.

And now for the theme, here are some grocery products that could be potential stripper names (for me, anyway).

"Dream Whip"
I kind of like that one.
Although, "Minute Tapioca"
might work as well.

"White Chocolate Wonderful"

You know you'd want s'more of that!

"Toilet paper on abandoned eggs"
would be the most accurate stripper
name that I could ever come up with.

"Sno balls".
Mmmmm hmmmm.

And, a couple of bonus photos:

I got excited to see One Direction
in the grocery store.
Turns out it was a cardboard display.
Way to crush my dreams, One Direction.

Sneaky photo of Anthony.
Picking the perfect bag of chips
is not only a passion, it's a science.