Monday, March 28, 2016

Meeting Ron Barber

I met former Congressman Ron Barber today. He was a guest on the TV show as the celebrity chair of the Autism Walk and Resource Fair for the Autism Society Of Southern Arizona.

He was the District Director for Representative Gabrielle Giffords when she was shot in January 8, 2011 at the Safeway at Ina Road and Oracle Road during a Congress On Your Corner event. Mr. Barber was also shot in the thigh and face during the incident. He went on to win the special election to succeed Ms. Giffords and went on to win a full term in the U.S. House Of Representatives after that.

He was a really wonderful guest on the show along with Nicole Glasner, the Executive Director for the Autism Society Of Southern Arizona. Both were kind enough to pose for a picture.

I figure if I stand close enough to people who are accomplished and successful that maybe some of it will rub off. That is, if they don't suffocate from my cologne first.

Former Congressman Ron Barber, Executive Director
of The Autism Society Of Southern Arizona Nicole Glasner,
and a guy who flings poo from his cage at the other monkeys.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Anthony and I tend to celebrate holidays in relatively untraditional ways. Such was the case today for Easter.

We lounged around the house, watched some TV, ate dinner at Whataburger, and went grocery shopping.

Anthony did eat a Cadbury Egg. I suppose that qualifies as a little bit traditional.

Easter dinner at Whataburger

My name is on the sandwich wrapper!

Egg hunt at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
I found a whole bunch!

Saaa-Wheat bread.
The wrapper makes it sound amazing but this kind
of bread always tastes like crap.

Anthony found some Cheddar 'n Bacon Easy Cheese
and I grabbed a giant sausage.
Just another day in our relationship.

Come back Anthony!
Don't you want some sausage?

Scrubber pad on the floor.

Rather large ones.
And, they're bouncy.

This Styptic Pencil looks like an adult toy.

I couldn't decide which one would turn you on more.

And then, I found the Brut.

Richard Simmons brainwashed and tortured
by a maid controlling his life.
She won't do windows or clean toilets
but she can control his life.
Highly unlikely.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Girl Scouts Over The Edge 2016

Tina, one of the wonderful hosts I work with on the TV show and her husband Jesse, went "Over The Edge" today at a benefit for the Girl Scouts Of Southern Arizona.

A few people repelled down the side of the 17 story building at 5151 East Broadway (Broadway and Rosemont) in Tucson this afternoon. Most (from what I understand it'll be over 70 people) will repel down the building tomorrow.

I went to the event to shoot some photos of Tina and Jesse's descent. It was fun to watch them. I would imagine the view from up there is spectacular.

They lived to tell the tale and helped raise some money. Mission accomplished.

The 17 story building at
5151 East Broadway in Tucson

Broadway side of the building where everyone will go down

Some guy looks over the edge

Jesse and Tina are about to go "Over The Edge"

Jesse ventures out first

Look ma, no hands!

Jesse starts heading down

Tina takes a turn at "Look ma, no hands!"

Now Tina is heading down to catch up to Jesse

There's no where to go but down

They're almost halfway down

Tina may be flirting with death but she smiles anyway

They've almost reached the bottom

That's Andy, who was shooting video that
we'll air on the TV show

Descent complete.
Jesse and Tina survive to live for another day.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wet blouse, warm heart

My co-worker Tina had a little mishap today at work.

She spilled a little bit of food on her blouse and went to the restroom to work on the stain. Add water and it became noticeable. Very noticeable. I thought it looked like she was drooling profusely but it wasn't really drool.

I grabbed my camera to shoot a photo of the rather amusing sight and realized after I shot it that I ended up being in the photo thanks to a mirror next to her desk. I photo bombed myself.

The wet spot on Tina's blouse.
It would be barely noticeable... if I shut off the lights.
Photo bomb in the mirror courtesy of myself.

Dinner with Anthony's family at Native Grill

Anthony and I enjoyed dinner on Sunday with his dad, brother Michael, and aunt JoAnn at Native Grill and Wings on Speedway Blvd.

They're a fun group and it was interesting to listen to them chat about their family dynamics while we ate some pretty good food. We had the worst server in the history of servers but I still tipped 25% anyway because even though she sucked at her job, I imagine that she has bills to pay. Maybe a decent tip helped to inspire her to do better. That's what I believed when I paid the bill.

I live a glass half full existence. Can you tell?

Loaded tots appetizer at Native Grill and Wings
There's bacon, cheese, and those green onion things
that I can never remember the proper name of on top

Anthony's boneless wings that were half barbecue
and half parmesan

My fries and bacon cheeseburger.
I gave Anthony the pickles and onions.

Paul eating a cheesy calzone

Yes JoAnn, I am that evil bastard that
takes pictures of people eating

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cotton Candy, Sausage Balls, and Dr. Phil the Raging Monster

Photos from the Sunday March 13 dinner and shopping extravaganza. Yes, I know that was ten days ago.

I've been so buried with work the last couple of weeks I'm behind in posting blog photos. Co-workers with vacations, sick days, and life events make it more difficult to keep up with posting online content due to limited free time. I sometimes wish I didn't have to sleep. I'd get much more done. I try to survive on 5-6 hours a night and a short nap when I come home from work. If I could figure out how to do with less sleep than that I'd have more time for shooting photos and saving the world.

I'll work on it.

Anthony at Raising Cane's
looking rather unenthused about the Kenparazzi

Aerial shot of Anthony

Fries, toast, and chicken at Raising Cane's

Nathan's Famous Pretzel Dogs at Walmart Market
They're like wiener dogs only these don't bark

Sausage Balls
Taken from male sausages

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Sandwiches
Children and Ken vote yes

Pickle flavored nuts
Sounds like a date I've had

Baby toy on the floor

Hair dye on the floor

Anthony can run from my photos but he can't hide

The National Enquirer says "Trump MUST Be Prez!"
and apparently they also believe Dr. Phil is a raging monster.

Plenty o' Peeps at Walgreen's

Cotton Candy must be a theme on this shopping trip.
I saw Cotton Candy ice cream sandwiches earlier
and discovered Cotton Candy Peeps at Walgreen's

One of these is soft and cuddly
and the other is a stuffed Peep

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meeting Don Collier, Barbara Luna, and Robert Fuller

I booked a threesome of celebrity guests for the TV show today: Don Collier, Barbara Luna, and Robert Fuller.

Don Collier was a star of many westerns back in the day including The High Chaparral TV show on NBC, numerous movies, and the best Hubba Bubba bubblegum commercial ever made. "Big bubbles, no trouble"!

Barbara Luna starred in multiple TV show episodes in the 1960's and 1970's and the comedy movie "Five Weeks In A Balloon", and one of the highlights of her career (in my opinion) was being cast in an episode of the original 1960's Star Trek TV series. She played Lieutenant Marlena Moreau in the episode titled "Mirror Mirror". She was bad ass.

Robert Fuller starred in multiple western TV shows and movies when they were enormously popular, but I remember him best in a non-western role as Dr. Kelly Fuller in the 1970's TV show "Emergency!".

All of them were a delight to have as guests this morning and were great interviews. I pointed out to them that one of the great highlights of their careers would be the photo you see below. Oddly enough, my joke barely got a laugh.

I have a long way to go to win any awards for my comedy. Long, long, long, long way.

Actors Don Collier, Barbara Luna, and Robert Fuller
standing in front of a silly television producer with amazing hair.
I'm holding a microphone cord in my hand... because,
despite stopping for a photo, my work is never done.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

USAF Thunderbirds flying over Tucson

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base had it's annual air show and open house this weekend -- "Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona".

I didn't go to the event. But, I was in the backyard today doing my usual dog poop picking up and chopping down weeds session and I heard jet noise. That's not uncommon in Tucson but I realized it was the United States Air Force Thunderbirds precision flying team doing what they do best for the air show.

Even though I was ten miles away from the base, I decided to go inside and get a camera in an attempt to catch a photo. I was able to get a couple of photos capturing the Thunderbirds in action. I only had a few chances to get a glimpse of the planes when they were within my view looking south over the house so scoring any usable photos was challenging but I nailed it.

They had a beautiful cloudless day to fly today. Even though I was so far away it was still exciting to see what little I could of the amazing skills they put on display.

This gives you an idea of the distance from the Thunderbirds jets my house is.
This is looking south from my backyard.

United States Air Force Thunderbirds.
The best shot that I was able to get from my backyard ten miles away.
They fly so close to each other that if one of the pilots
farts the other three would be able to smell it.