Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dinner with Anthony's family at Native Grill

Anthony and I enjoyed dinner on Sunday with his dad, brother Michael, and aunt JoAnn at Native Grill and Wings on Speedway Blvd.

They're a fun group and it was interesting to listen to them chat about their family dynamics while we ate some pretty good food. We had the worst server in the history of servers but I still tipped 25% anyway because even though she sucked at her job, I imagine that she has bills to pay. Maybe a decent tip helped to inspire her to do better. That's what I believed when I paid the bill.

I live a glass half full existence. Can you tell?

Loaded tots appetizer at Native Grill and Wings
There's bacon, cheese, and those green onion things
that I can never remember the proper name of on top

Anthony's boneless wings that were half barbecue
and half parmesan

My fries and bacon cheeseburger.
I gave Anthony the pickles and onions.

Paul eating a cheesy calzone

Yes JoAnn, I am that evil bastard that
takes pictures of people eating