Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cotton Candy, Sausage Balls, and Dr. Phil the Raging Monster

Photos from the Sunday March 13 dinner and shopping extravaganza. Yes, I know that was ten days ago.

I've been so buried with work the last couple of weeks I'm behind in posting blog photos. Co-workers with vacations, sick days, and life events make it more difficult to keep up with posting online content due to limited free time. I sometimes wish I didn't have to sleep. I'd get much more done. I try to survive on 5-6 hours a night and a short nap when I come home from work. If I could figure out how to do with less sleep than that I'd have more time for shooting photos and saving the world.

I'll work on it.

Anthony at Raising Cane's
looking rather unenthused about the Kenparazzi

Aerial shot of Anthony

Fries, toast, and chicken at Raising Cane's

Nathan's Famous Pretzel Dogs at Walmart Market
They're like wiener dogs only these don't bark

Sausage Balls
Taken from male sausages

Cotton Candy Ice Cream Sandwiches
Children and Ken vote yes

Pickle flavored nuts
Sounds like a date I've had

Baby toy on the floor

Hair dye on the floor

Anthony can run from my photos but he can't hide

The National Enquirer says "Trump MUST Be Prez!"
and apparently they also believe Dr. Phil is a raging monster.

Plenty o' Peeps at Walgreen's

Cotton Candy must be a theme on this shopping trip.
I saw Cotton Candy ice cream sandwiches earlier
and discovered Cotton Candy Peeps at Walgreen's

One of these is soft and cuddly
and the other is a stuffed Peep