Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tina and Jesse's wedding

My co-worker Tina and her now husband Jesse were kind enough to invite Anthony and I to their wedding this weekend. It required a 250 mile round trip to Phoenix to attend. So, we hopped into the poomobile and made the trip.

The wedding was held at the Arizona Grand Resort off of I-10 at Baseline. It's a beautiful facility and the wedding ceremony was on a lawn area surrounded by water (which is kind of unusual in the desert).

I didn't know most people there but my co-workers Alex, Eric, Heather, and Heather's husband Greg were also there in addition to Anthony and I so we largely hung out as a group.

Anthony and I decided not to get a room at the resort and stay the night because Lucky was at home all alone. As it was, he had to wait approximately nine hours while we made the four hour round trip and attended the event. He's perfectly behaved when we're gone but that's a long time to hold pee if you're a dog. Or a human.

Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix
as seen from the parking lot

A view across the water where
the ceremony would take place

Closer view, same water

Anthony and I got there about an hour early
so we went into the resort bar and watched
Steve the bartender make drinks

Anthony had trouble with the lemon in his iced tea
so he put it on a table below the bar

Another photo from across the water as the sun starts to set

Videographer at work shooting the sign
indicating the location of the ceremony

Hopefully the stop sign next to the wedding sign isn't some kind of omen

Anthony and I are ready to attend a wedding
but first we have to take a selfie.

Alex, Anthony, Eric

Wedding guests begin to congregate

More congregating

Everyone was supposed to take a glass of champagne
or apple cider... I took the cider.
I had to drive back to Tucson after this.

Alex checking out other guests with the
wedding seating in the background

Ceremony location minus Alex

Anthony, Eric, Greg, Heather, Alex


The congregating continues

Even more congregating

Instead of a guest book, they asked guests to sign
their "love letter" -- in this case, the letter
was a large R

Can't avoid the paparazzi

The resort colors the water so it cascades
down these rocks with a blue cast

Waiting for the ceremony to get underway

Lovely flowers, but they were a little wilted.
Maybe 1-800-Flowers will give them a refund.

Champagne for the bride, groom, officiant, bridesmaids and groomsmen

A stiff breeze kicked up and Alex went up
and saved the glasses from falling over
while assuming a super hero pose

We're sitting waiting for this thing to get started
but first we have to take a selfie

Officiant and Jesse the groom

Best man and groomsman

Maid of honor and bridesmaid

Here comes the bride!

My view was between these two heads

"It's small. Very small."

The ceremony continues

Jesse reads his vows

This is the card that Tina's vows were printed on
in what looked like two point type.
Tiny, tiny letters.

Tina recites her vows.

The ring exchange

I have my glass of cider ready for the toast

Toast! Cheers!

You may kiss the bride

Resort guests watching the ceremony
from the comfort of their room's balcony

This tram / cart thing carried guests over to the location
at the resort where the reception was being held

I finally got my chance to take a ride.

Beautiful part of the resort near where the
cocktail hour and reception were held

When I put my hand upon my hip
I dip, you dip, we dip

Guests enjoying cocktails prior to the reception

Another view of the cocktail hour guests

I love love love photos of people eating food.
I shot this photo of Alex and Heather enjoying some
beef on a skewer, a two people eating for the price
of one kind of photo.
However, it does look like Alex is eating poo on a stick.
That part was a bonus.

Greg, Alex, Eric

Sunset over guests

Heather puts on a goofy face,
and I have a goofy face without doing anything

Little cards that told every guest what table to sit at

I was at table 7

Projection on the wall over the bride and groom's table

Guests getting their cards that indicate where to sit.
That's Alex and his date Kayla on the left

Didn't your mom ever tell you it's not polite to point?

I think he had big plans for that finger.

Heather was doing naughty things with her napkin.

So was Greg

Bottoms up

It's not my cake, it's R cake

Bride and groom make their entrance to the reception

Bride and groom's first dance

Alex's arm holding a drink while the bride and groom's
first dance photo bombs this picture

I'd bet a dollar he's talking dirty into her ear

Jesse and Tina at their bride and groom table

The food at this wedding was pretty good...
they set it up using buffet stations.
This was the vegetable appetizer station.

This was the mashed potato station.
The various varieties of mashed potatoes
were served in martini glasses.

Taco station that included chicken and shrimp,
beans, and rice

Drink / bar station

Meat station

Tina visits our table.
I don't know what she was describing.
Maybe she was trying to scare the wine glass.

Tina and Heather selfie

Tina and Alex selfie

Hey! She's Mrs. Jesse now.

Guests attack the mashed potato station

I had a dysfunctional fork

Anthony's mashed potato filled martini glass

My mashed potato filled martini glass.
I shot this photo so close to the glass that
it's looks more artsy than I had intended.

Anthony's taco

Heather, Tina, Alex

This was a choreographed dance featuring Tina and the two moms

I caught Heather mid-bite and she seemed really happy about it

These seven grains of Spanish rice tried to escape from my plate.
I managed to get a photo before they rode off into the desert.

The resort at night, the view as seen
walking to the restroom

Party favors courtesy of team hubby and team wifey