Friday, March 4, 2016

Pizza Party

I go through occasional moments of self-doubt related to shooting photos. I've worked really hard to get some decent photography equipment, I've shot tens of thousands of photos over the last decade, and I still am not sure if I'm any good at it or not.

I have to remind myself the reason I keep at it in the first place: I like doing it. On top of that, the collection of photos as a body of work does reflect my personality. It is likely I won't win any awards or get rich but I set out in the beginning to learn how I could best shoot photos and to make the photos I shoot very Ken, and I think I have accomplished that. I'm not the first person who has doubts about an artistic endeavor and I certainly won't be the last.

Ok, rant over. Now, on to this set of photos:

We had a pizza party at work a few weeks ago and I brought a camera in to shoot a few pictures. I always get a thrill out of shooting photos of people eating. As you'll see below, there were opportunities to shoot candid photos of mouths full of food.

Truly a very Ken photography moment.

Chairs in the studio for the pizza party

The pizzas arrive

Drink station

The pizza didn't travel well.
Pro tip: Don't tip the box.

Commence eating of the pizza

Open mouth, insert salad

Someone noticed that I was shooting photos

The room fills with pizza eaters

I was excited about this shot because I nailed pizza eating mid-bite.
I live for this.

Another salad eater using the highest quality plastic forks
money can buy.

Not everyone wants to be photographed eating pizza
by the Kenparazzi