Friday, March 25, 2016

Girl Scouts Over The Edge 2016

Tina, one of the wonderful hosts I work with on the TV show and her husband Jesse, went "Over The Edge" today at a benefit for the Girl Scouts Of Southern Arizona.

A few people repelled down the side of the 17 story building at 5151 East Broadway (Broadway and Rosemont) in Tucson this afternoon. Most (from what I understand it'll be over 70 people) will repel down the building tomorrow.

I went to the event to shoot some photos of Tina and Jesse's descent. It was fun to watch them. I would imagine the view from up there is spectacular.

They lived to tell the tale and helped raise some money. Mission accomplished.

The 17 story building at
5151 East Broadway in Tucson

Broadway side of the building where everyone will go down

Some guy looks over the edge

Jesse and Tina are about to go "Over The Edge"

Jesse ventures out first

Look ma, no hands!

Jesse starts heading down

Tina takes a turn at "Look ma, no hands!"

Now Tina is heading down to catch up to Jesse

There's no where to go but down

They're almost halfway down

Tina may be flirting with death but she smiles anyway

They've almost reached the bottom

That's Andy, who was shooting video that
we'll air on the TV show

Descent complete.
Jesse and Tina survive to live for another day.