Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring 2016 Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase

Twice a year I take Lucky up to La Encantada mall for the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase so he can participate in the doggy fashion show. Yesterday was the spring version of the event.

He seems to enjoy going (he loves the car ride) and although he's always a bit nervous, he does pretty well. It's a fun outing for us to do together. And, it's one of the rare times he doesn't care that I shoot photos of him. He is too distracted with his surroundings.

I had purchased a new shirt for him that said "Dude, your wife keeps checking me out" and it looked large enough when I was at the store, but it turned out to be way too small when I tried to put it on him. So, it was a ten dollar bust. I ended up putting a shirt on him from last spring that says "I like bacon on my bacon". No one seemed to remember it from last time so I got away with recycling a previously worn item.

I'll start this photo set with some pictures I shot of a few of the other dogs in the show (all the other dogs are up for adoption from the Humane Society Of Southern Arizona, I had the only dog that already had a home):

Bonded pair

This girl is cute in her spring outfit

Leo looks like he could be a relative of Lucky's

Another handsome boy

Very energetic puppy in a bumblebee outfit

Eeyore costume (or some similar character)

This hot dog was dressed as a hot dog

The stage that Lucky walked on

Model dog

Bonded pair stroll the stage

Dog dressed as a space alien

The hot dog dressed as a hot dog
takes a sniff of the stage

Lucky in his funky outfit for the fashion show

That is the rear view of Martha Vasquez, former anchor for KVOA Channel 4.
She was fired from her job after getting arrested for shoplifting
a handful of years ago and was recently on NBC's Today Show
talking about how she's dealt with the issue.
At this event, she had a vendor table and was selling something.
I probably should have asked to take a picture of the front
side of her table but that wouldn't be as sneaky.

Fountain at La Encantada

Lucky predicts a lovely spring in Tucson
in front of the KGUN 9 weather selfie wall

Samantha Cortese of KGUN 9 and
Stephanie Dunlap of The CW Tucson

Well hello Mr. Happy

The shadow of Lucky's head
looks like a slice of pizza

I put out of a bowl of water for Lucky and he didn't want any.
No, you're not getting Perrier because you didn't
put it in your tour rider.

I shot a photo of Gabe shooting a photo of
anchor Stella Inger chatting with a KGUN viewer.

Samantha was live on Periscope showing the weather selfie wall
while Stephanie did the honors as photographer.

Lucky patiently waits for the second fashion show of the day


How Lucky sees the world as
seen from behind his head

Lucky looks contemplative.
He's probably trying to decide who to vote for
in the upcoming Presidential primary.
I don't have the heart to tell him that
dogs aren't allowed to vote.