Sunday, June 30, 2013

Storm clouds over a Weinerschnitzel drive thru

Anthony and I had dinner tonight at the Arby's near Park Place Mall on Broadway here in Tucson.

The second monsoon storm of the season was rolling in east of Tucson (the first storm was June 15).  This one actually triggered a severe thunderstorm warning for Tucson's east side.  It even rained briefly at Arby's.  In addition, the lightning show was pretty awesome to see off to the east.

It occurred to me while we were eating dinner that I had done a live broadcast for 93.7 KRQ at the Weinerschnitzel next door just over a decade ago when they opened that location.  Time sure flies!

Monsoon storm in Tucson on June 30, 2013
as seen looking over the Weinerschnitzel drive thru at Broadway and Chantilly.
If no one has invented drive thru photo art, then I just started a trend.

The Weinerschnitzel I did a KRQ live broadcast for -- at Broadway and Chantilly when it originally opened.
That's Anthony's reflection in the window -- I took this from inside the Arby's dining room next door.
(He wouldn't let me take his photo today, so it's the closest I was able to get)
Just after taking this photo, one of the Weinerschnitzel employees came out of the door next to
the drive thru window and scooped up change that was dropped in the drive thru.

A car in the Arby's parking lot whose bumper has seen better days.

Arby's Classic Roast Beef sandwich

Arby's French Fries

Police visit Ridgepointe... again.

I have discovered a benefit to having Lucky that I never considered when we adopted him.

He gets a bonus walk through the apartment complex when I hear a dispatch on the police scanner to Ridgepointe.  I have an excuse to walk by the apartment that officers are visiting to be a snoop, and no one is the wiser (unless they read my blog of course).

Tonight I heard a dispatch for a dispute involving an apartment on the east side of the complex.  Apparently someone was babysitting a dog and didn't want to give it back to whoever owned it when they came to pick it up.  Police dispatch this kind of thing as a 'fight brewing'.  It's basically an effort to keep the peace.

I wasn't surprised by the apartment in question.  The outside of their apartment always looks like they're setting up for a yard sale (Hoarders?) and the last few weeks when I've attempted to walk Lucky by there is a very large dog that growls and snarls.  I hope that's the dog that is going back to it's owner.

Thanks to Lucky, I was able to walk by the police car to get a photo and the officer just thought I was walking my dog (which I was.... ).

Good dog.

Tucson Police Department cruiser at Ridgepointe Apartments
Bad boys bad boys... whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when someone won't give a dog back to you?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

111 degrees but it's a dry heat

It looks like we're heading toward breaking some records as a result of the weather in Tucson.

If the forecast holds, it will be the first June in history where all 30 days of the month have had a 100 degree or higher high temperature.  And, we're going to have several days in a row of 110 or higher starting on Friday.  The record for the longest streak of 110 degree or higher days is six, and that was in 1994.  We probably won't break that, but mother nature has been making us sweat in this city to kick off the summer.

It was plenty hot in the Ken Carr car when I got into it after work today.  And, it had been sitting in the shade of a tree for an hour before I got in.

The official temperature outside of the Ken Carr car at 5:30 p.m. today was 111 degrees.
But, it's a dry heat.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A California Club and a sparkler

It's Sunday, which is the weekly outing that Anthony and I have together.  He wasn't feeling good last week so I had to go to the grocery store alone this past Sunday.  We were back to our regular routine today.

We had dinner at Jason's Deli on Broadway Blvd across from Park Place Mall.  The food was good (as Jason's always is) and the ice cream is still free.  As per custom on Sunday evenings, we ate in another almost empty restaurant.  I'm convinced that nearly no one goes out to eat on Sundays besides Anthony and I.  It doesn't matter what restaurant it is.  Either that, or people see me coming and run out the back door.

We went to Walmart Neighborhood Market on 22nd and Craycroft for grocery shopping.  It was a pretty routine trip except for being stopped on the way in from the parking lot and on the way out to the car by panhandlers.  I had a good laugh (to myself when it happened) when the woman who asked on the way out got a head shake and pissed off look from me, then she got a fearful look on her face and said "Sorry.  Drive safe."  I do not give money to panhandlers.  I'd rather eat my own poop before doing that.

Jason's Deli on Broadway Blvd in Tucson across from Park Place Mall

A California Club sandwich on a croissant from Jason's Deli
I asked Anthony what the green and red things were on it and he said "vegetables".
I thought that is what the white things were with the ridges between the sandwich halves.

Anthony and I ate in an empty Jason's Deli
I pretend we hold the world record for the most times eating in an empty restaurant.

Jason's Deli FREE ice cream!
I love ice cream, and I love free.

A selfie photo of Anthony and I in front of Jason's Deli and next to the Ken Carr car

Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft sells fireworks.
The odd part:  It is illegal to use fireworks of any kind within the Tucson city limits.

Caution Keep Away From Pacemakers

I spotted a sign on the hot tub (which is near the bottom of my apartment stairs) today.  Two signs actually, but the top one you'll see below got my attention.

Someone is selling a couch and loveseat for $100.  Based on the photo, it looks like a good deal.

The funny part of this wasn't the couch for sale sign itself, but what was used to affix it to the metal gate of the hot tub enclosure.  "Caution Keep Away From Pacemakers".  That may explain why the couch and loveseat are selling for cheap... they're dangerous!

Signs on the hot tub enclosure at Ridgepointe

Leather couch and chair for sale from a neighbor at Ridgepointe
Looks like a good deal for $100 bucks.

"Caution Keep Away From Pacemakers"
Apparently the furniture is more dangerous than it appears.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

McDonald's Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder

McDonald's has retired the Angus 1/3 pounder hamburgers, and have turbocharged their iconic Quarter Pounders.  The Quarter Pounder was originally introduced in 1972 (I was six years old, aye carumba!)

There are three new varieties besides the original:  Bacon Habanero Ranch, Bacon and Cheese, and Deluxe Quarter Pounder.

I went searching for dinner tonight and decided to visit the dinosaur themed McDonald's near my apartment at Grant and Tanque Verde.  After sitting in the drive thru for an extraordinarily long period of time (nearly ten minutes, with only one car in front of me at 9 p.m. at night), I got the Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder meal with medium fries and a medium Diet Coke.

I got it home and took some photos (below).  They put butter pickles, red onion, ketchup, mustard, and bacon on it.  It was also served on a bakery style roll.  As far as how it tasted, it was pretty good.  (I took the pickles and onion off.)  The fries were awesome as always (McDonald's has always had amazing fries).

The biggest thing of all:  The food wasn't terribly far off from how it looks on TV.  Score one for the staff at the dinosaur McDonald's (even though they were obviously way understaffed in their kitchen tonight).

McDonald's Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder hamburger
The bun was so fluffy I wanted to turn it into a chair.

The McDonald's Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder with the top bun taken off.
The piece of paper in the box made it seem fancy.

The McDonald's Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder combo meal
I got medium, because I need to keep my girlish figure.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Another day, another hole

It amazes me how often a random hole appears at my apartment complex.

Here's one from a few days ago at the front end of a handicapped parking space.  It's a good thing they put the yellow tape around the hole or an already disabled person would be even more disabled.

Another hole at Ridgepointe Apartments
They dig so many holes I am starting to believe they are looking for Jimmy Hoffa

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Monsoon 2013 starts and it actually rained

The National Weather Service has changed the way the monsoon season in Southern Arizona is designated.

It used to be that the official start is when there were three days in a row of a 54 degree or higher dewpoint.  It has changed in recent years to be from June 15 through September 30.

This is the first year that it has actually stormed on the first calendar day of monsoon season.  We got a few thunderstorms in the Tucson area.

Storm clouds on the first day of monsoon season in Tucson.
This is looking southeast from my patio balcony at Ridgepointe.

A brave Ridgepointe employee walks on damp sidewalks after it rained.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The sticks go flying

We had a live band on the show today.

Johnny Faber and the Road Kings performed and they were really good.  Chip, their drummer, threw his drumsticks in the air and I caught the moment with my Nikon J1 camera.

In case you're wondering, not only did he throw up two sticks with one hand, he caught them too.

Johnny Faber and the Road Kings on the Morning Blend
Chip Ritter tosses two drumsticks in the air with one hand.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kolb and his Air Guitar

We had an awesome segment on the show today.  SAACA (The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance) is doing a guitar festival this weekend at Park Place Mall.  Part of the event is an Air Guitar competition.

The guest we had on today competes in Air Guitar competitions and he was awesome.  Kolb Ettinger poured it on for about a minute.  He was great!

I had my camera ready and was able to get some fun photos of Kolb in action.  Shooting rapid movement indoors is difficult but I was able to get some good shots of him jamming to nothing but air.

Hosts Amanda and Sally chat with Jonas from SAACA and Air Guitarist Kolb

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 1

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 2

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 3

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 4

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 5

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 6

Kolb wails on his air guitar - Photo 7

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Brushfire BBQ and Gnarly Head

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday evening adventure today.  The trip out included dinner at Brushfire BBQ, Dollar Tree, and Walmart Neighborhood Market.

The first stop was at Brushfire BBQ Company at 22nd and Kolb.  Neither one of us had eaten there before but I had seen their ad multiple times on Facebook and I like barbecue, so I talked Anthony into it.  The place was about half full at 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday and we were able to get quick service.  Anthony said after dinner that it's one of his least favorite restaurant experiences (but he had nachos and ordered them with brisket... who does that?) and I thought it was good.  He liked the fries though.

I opted for a special they were having:  Prime Rib Sandwich.  The meat was delicious and tender and I'd highly recommend it.  It was put on the roll in one big ol' slab but was easy to eat.  I got it with potato salad.

After dinner, we walked over to the Dollar Tree store across the parking lot and passed the Fry's store in between, where you'll see below that I got a funny photo of the door of the Tucson Police Department Bicycle Patrol office there.  I got a picture frame for my boss and some storage containers for leftover food at home.  Everything was priced at one dollar.  Imagine that.

We then went to Walmart Neighborhood Market at Golf Links Rd and Kolb Rd.  It's one of the new stores and Anthony loves it.  I'm not a fan because they don't stock some items that the Walmart Market we usually go to has.  It's also extremely cold in there.

The Kenparazzi photos:

Brush Fire BBQ at 22nd Street and Kolb Road

Our dinner at Brushfire BBQ:
(From the top) Brisket nachos, fries, potato salad, prime rib sandwich

Anthony eats his French fries.

The bar area at Brush Fire

Dinner at Brush Fire was $29.41 for the two of us including one order of "The Fries".

Tucson Police Department substation / Bicycle Patrol office next to the Fry's store at 22nd Street and Kolb Rd.
I was there on a good day... when they had low prices on meat.

If you're hoping for Gnarly Head, you can find it at Walmart Neighborhood Market at Golf Links Rd and Kolb Rd.

Keebler Pitter Patter cookies.
Arguably much more delicious than the pitter patter of little feet.

Tyson any'tizers
Hey Tyson, this may come as a shock to you but Wings are not spelled Wyngz.
(Unless you're in middle school or you spray paint graffiti on buildings)

Jim Beam Bourbon Blackened Tilapia and Seasoned Wild Salmon Filets
Because Jim Beam from the bottle isn't exciting enough anymore.

The milk case at Walmart Neighborhood Market
Are we having a dairy shortage?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A full moon and a hole

I was changing the battery on one of my cameras today and realized there were two photos on it I had not posted.

The first one below is of a full moon on May 25th.  I had gone to Walgreen's Neighborhood Market at Golf Links and Kolb because the one I usually go to was out of vitamins that I like.  I walked out of the store and thought it made for a cool photo.

The second photo below is of a hole.  Specifically, it's a hole that had to be dug near one of the barbecue grills by my apartment.  It had been bubbling up water under that location for days (and was attracting a ton of bees during daylight hours) so I'm glad the Ridgepointe maintenance staff got to work on it.  It must not have been too difficult of a repair, because the hole was only there one day.

Full moon as seen from the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot at Golf Links and Kolb.
(If you can't tell which blob of light is the moon, it's the largest one in the top right quarter of the photo)

A hole to fix a leaking pipe underground at Ridgepointe Apartments
If you have a big hole, it is best to cover it with wood.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Meeting Randolph Mantooth

I met Randolph Mantooth today.  He's an actor who is most famous for his seven season run playing Johnny Gage in the 70's TV show "Emergency" (1972-79), also was on the soap operas "Loving", "The City", "As The World Turns", "One Life To Live" and has had various other TV and movie roles including two episodes on "Sons Of Anarchy" on FX in 2011.

I am amazed sometimes how my life goes.  I watched Emergency when I was a kid, and I would never have thought then that forty years later I'd meet one of the stars of that show (or any other celebrity in general for that matter) when they appeared on MY show.  Life can be weird.

He's in Tucson today for a Fallen Firefighters Association dinner and was kind enough to appear on The Morning Blend show.

Ken Carr and Randolph Mantooth
He starred in "Emergency" and I stood next to him for a picture.
It was meant to be.

Doug Eman from Northwest Fire and actor Randolph Mantooth being interviewed
by show hosts Amanda and Sally

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Pinata Cake

I sent Rene, one of the awesome guests who is part of the TV show each month with Cakes for Causes (check out the good work they do), a recipe I saw online for a Pinata Cake.  I thought she'd want to include it in a show segment at some point.  She surprised me by making the cake as a gift to me.

A piñata cake is a cake version of a piñata.  Its a cake that has a space inside filled with candy.  But, instead of beating the crap out of it with a stick like you do with a piñata, you just cut into it and eat it.

She made it a strawberry cake with strawberry icing and put an ice cream cone on the top to make it look like an upside down ice cream cone.  It went along with the Cakes for Causes segment on the show where they made ice cream cone cupcakes.

The cake is wonderful.  Thanks Rene!
The piñata cake

The first slice into the piñata cake

Making the second cut into the piñata cake, so when it's removed the candy will be revealed.

Out comes the piece of cake, and the candy is inside!

Candy inside of the piñata cake!
Rene used M&M's.

Anthony eats the cone.
(Then, he proceeded to eat half of the cake in one sitting.  Om nom nom)