Sunday, June 2, 2013

Quiznos and Adult Toys

Anthony and I ventured out for our usual Sunday dinner date and a trip to the grocery store today.

Dinner was at Quiznos.  A number of the Quiznos locations in the Tucson area have closed in recent years but the one at Broadway and Craycroft in the Williams Center is still going.  The food was good and the two employees working were very nice.  As usual, we once again managed to eat in an empty restaurant... we seem to eat a lot of places where we're the only ones in the dining room.

After dinner, we headed to Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft.  It was a pretty typical trip except for a moment in the bread aisle.  Anthony was approached by a woman who thought he might enjoy hosting an adult sex toys party and gave him her card.  Sounds like a Walmart moment.  He gave me the card and I still have it.  You never know when that will come in handy... like to squish a bug with.

Quiznos in the Williams Center at Craycroft north of Broadway.
It was 107 degrees today... and I'm thirsty enough to drink a soda the size of that inflatable on the roof.


Quiznos sign on the wall inside

Q's are everywhere... on the floor, on the chairs

I ate a ChicKEN Carbonara

Here's Anthony double fisting his turkey and double swiss sandwich on rosemary bread

I found this at Walmart Neighborhood Market:  Nesquik Sip 'R Eyes
Drinking straw glasses.  This is the greatest invention ever.

The Sesame Street Crust Cutt'R
Now your sandwich can stare at you with it's Elmo eyes

Nestle Drumstick Peanut Butter Variety
It'll make you go... nuts.

The card from the woman who thought Anthony should host an adult sex toy party
The only catch... is that Anthony isn't an adult woman.  As far as I know.