Friday, June 7, 2013

Meeting Randolph Mantooth

I met Randolph Mantooth today.  He's an actor who is most famous for his seven season run playing Johnny Gage in the 70's TV show "Emergency" (1972-79), also was on the soap operas "Loving", "The City", "As The World Turns", "One Life To Live" and has had various other TV and movie roles including two episodes on "Sons Of Anarchy" on FX in 2011.

I am amazed sometimes how my life goes.  I watched Emergency when I was a kid, and I would never have thought then that forty years later I'd meet one of the stars of that show (or any other celebrity in general for that matter) when they appeared on MY show.  Life can be weird.

He's in Tucson today for a Fallen Firefighters Association dinner and was kind enough to appear on The Morning Blend show.

Ken Carr and Randolph Mantooth
He starred in "Emergency" and I stood next to him for a picture.
It was meant to be.

Doug Eman from Northwest Fire and actor Randolph Mantooth being interviewed
by show hosts Amanda and Sally