Sunday, June 23, 2013

Caution Keep Away From Pacemakers

I spotted a sign on the hot tub (which is near the bottom of my apartment stairs) today.  Two signs actually, but the top one you'll see below got my attention.

Someone is selling a couch and loveseat for $100.  Based on the photo, it looks like a good deal.

The funny part of this wasn't the couch for sale sign itself, but what was used to affix it to the metal gate of the hot tub enclosure.  "Caution Keep Away From Pacemakers".  That may explain why the couch and loveseat are selling for cheap... they're dangerous!

Signs on the hot tub enclosure at Ridgepointe

Leather couch and chair for sale from a neighbor at Ridgepointe
Looks like a good deal for $100 bucks.

"Caution Keep Away From Pacemakers"
Apparently the furniture is more dangerous than it appears.