Sunday, June 30, 2013

Storm clouds over a Weinerschnitzel drive thru

Anthony and I had dinner tonight at the Arby's near Park Place Mall on Broadway here in Tucson.

The second monsoon storm of the season was rolling in east of Tucson (the first storm was June 15).  This one actually triggered a severe thunderstorm warning for Tucson's east side.  It even rained briefly at Arby's.  In addition, the lightning show was pretty awesome to see off to the east.

It occurred to me while we were eating dinner that I had done a live broadcast for 93.7 KRQ at the Weinerschnitzel next door just over a decade ago when they opened that location.  Time sure flies!

Monsoon storm in Tucson on June 30, 2013
as seen looking over the Weinerschnitzel drive thru at Broadway and Chantilly.
If no one has invented drive thru photo art, then I just started a trend.

The Weinerschnitzel I did a KRQ live broadcast for -- at Broadway and Chantilly when it originally opened.
That's Anthony's reflection in the window -- I took this from inside the Arby's dining room next door.
(He wouldn't let me take his photo today, so it's the closest I was able to get)
Just after taking this photo, one of the Weinerschnitzel employees came out of the door next to
the drive thru window and scooped up change that was dropped in the drive thru.

A car in the Arby's parking lot whose bumper has seen better days.

Arby's Classic Roast Beef sandwich

Arby's French Fries